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Why Content Marketing and Social Media are Most Powerful SEO Weapons?


Over the past decade, if you have been someone in SEO world then chances are there that you have regurgitated the phrase, “Content is King.” However, many marketers miss understood this concept and simply crammed up their website with as many keywords as possible for getting maximum links back. Less…

Content Marketing & Social media Over the past decade, if you have been someone in SEO world then chances are there that you have regurgitated the phrase, “Content is King.” However, many marketers miss understood this concept and simply crammed up their website with as many keywords as possible for getting maximum links back. Less to their understanding, this technique worked only for websites that wanted to get maximum clicks on advertisements and not for people who were concerned to get back visitors. Today, SEO isn’t for con websites, more and more respectable businesses are learning the art of optimizing their sites so that it can be found by people who are looking for their products and services. SEO’s landscape is constantly evolving with time, technology and social media environment. If you have a website, blog, or an ecommerce store, SEO can help meeting the business objectives. Digital marketers have realized the potentials of using content marketing and social media for attracting visitors, building brands and selling products/services. Meaning, all three content marketing, social media, and SEO have combined role to play for a brand’s success. When you have an organic marketing plan, it is important to understand how Content and Social Media can help you achieve the desired SEO results.

10 Reasons Why Content Marketing and Social Media are most Powerful SEO Weapons

Link Building

Social media helps foster relationships, which ultimately helps to build links. Most basically, social networking sites offer the simplest way to share and distribute your message. If your content - be it in any form (written, picture, or video) is seen by right people then it will probably lead to a new link back. Every social network platform such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook has become a logical medium for performing link outreach. In other words, Content marketing and Social Media are the two peas in a pod, and link building is a brilliant way to make use of their synergy.

Increase Conversation

Social Media relies on high-quality content, which is strong, convincing and believable and when you have that - it increases conversation across networks. When people start talking about your brand, your social media presence gets a boost, which greatly increases your search rankings. Remember, a good copy breeds sales, while a bad copy would repel even the most eager audience, leading to an adverse effect on SEO ranking. Reciprocate to Google’s Algorithms – Google’s Algorithms keep getting updating but one thing remain same is that it intensely favour fresh content. Using content marketing along with social media will build real, natural links that Google is going to love and reward accordingly. One thing digital marketers need to understand is that links in Social Media do not directly have an impact on your search rankings, but the amplified reach your content gets via social media can attract more inbound links.

Generate Leads

Social media today is much more than a way to develop your brand and connect with customer. In fact, social media can actually be responsible for generating leads for your business, when done correctly. If you have been hunting over new tactics of SEO to generate leads, then it's time you design gated content, video marketing, and email marketing that are aimed at pushing potential customer to your sales funnel. And the icing on the cake is that content marketing and social media are cost effective way of generating leads.

Quality Traffic

Internet business is all about traffic, which is also the most important aspect of understanding the impact of social signals on SEO efforts. These signals let search engines know that your website/blog is been talked about, and is useful. The actual worth comes into play when important social signals such as likes, followers, tweets etc turn into social shares, which brings quality traffic to your SEO efforts. Moreover, Google considers factors such as the number of retweets, the number of people tweeted the content and the time taken to index the content. Content indexation is key to SEO because the faster your content gets indexed, the faster you will be rewarded with organic traffic to your website.

Boost Authority and Credibility

It is simple, if you are a credible source, search engines will rank your content and website higher. In order to be credible, your website needs to be real and accurate. If you are promoting it on social networks, chances are that your credibility is getting strengthened. Google also considers your social media influence in forming your credibility, because influencer’s endorsements have a positive impact on SEO and have the power of client retention by 37%.

Better User-Experience (UX)

SEO is not only about blogs, keywords, and backlinks; it is more about optimizing the technical aspect of a website such as robot.txt. metatag, and sitemaps. It is somehow tangentially associated with content marketing. When optimizing the site technically you are allowing the user to search, select and read your content effortlessly. Now, it’s accurate to say that this enhances user experience (UX), which helps them promote your content over social networks. Hence, the relation between content, social media and SEO and is inextricable.

Reduce bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of all visitors landing and moving from the same page to other without any clicks. If you see high bounce rate on your website’s landing page, then it’s a sign that it requires strong content marketing strategy. The most effective and important benefit of incorporating content marketing and social media to your SEO plan is that it will reduce bounce rate.

Improve SERPs

You can find millions of pages over the internet, but none are more important to digital marketers than search engine results pages, (SERPs). Google considers more at the kind of content that is shared across the web instead of a number of keywords to measure SERPs. So when you develop real content that matters for people, your SERPs automatically goes high.

Encourage Shares

Article or a blog post that has a high potential for shareability will encourage users to share them. This will earn your more signals, inbound links and genuine audiences to support your brand success.  

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