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17 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools You Need When Starting a Business


Today, the ubiquity of digital marketing is such that no marketer can overlook it. Especially the small and medium businesses are catching up with modern technologies by incorporating their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture the developing and productive online marketplace. The digital…

Today, the ubiquity of digital marketing is such that no marketer can overlook it. Especially the small and medium businesses are catching up with modern technologies by incorporating their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies – in an attempt to capture the developing and productive online marketplace. The digital consumption, in fact, has revolutionized the way businesses are performed and what seems like a daily proliferation of social media contents, marketers are left with more choice than ever when considering how they prefer to reach their consumers. Digital marketing gives an opportunity to reach out to leads and customer through various digital channels that can speed up the sales cycle and maintain customer loyalty. If you are one looking to start up your digital marketing business, then for sure you will need some best digital marketing tools to manage your analytics, content marketing, publishing, visualization etc. However, with a ton of digital marketing tools out there, it is more than a daunting task to choose few that can really help.

Here are 17 must have digital marketing tools you can use when starting a business:

#1. SproutSocial SproutSocial is the most powerful and effective social media management tools for small to large social business. SproutSocial helps businesses to grow their social media presence across all social platforms. It offers a single-stream message smart inbox feature for all networks so that you never miss any important message. The tool seamlessly posts, monitor, collaborate, measure and schedule message to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Feedly, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Zendesk, and UserVoice. It has a great built-in social image editing and stunning interface that’s easy to grasp. #2. Buffer Buffer is a smart and easy to use tool for scheduling content across Facebook (profiles and pages), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), Google+ and Pinterest. With Buffer, you have total control over schedule posting for all week long without worrying about managing the delivery timings. It gives you a bunch of default time slots to schedule your post, which is optimized according to the most active times of day on social media. This amazing tool also provides you with important analytics associated with viewer’s engagement and reach of your posts. #3. IFTTT IFTTT (if this then that) is a free marketing tool for automation. This tool allows you to create a trigger called “recipe” or “Applet” for web services like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and Reddit. You can also use and customize recipes from IFTTT’s repository. Whether you want to automate a tweet or an upcoming blog post or even receiving an email regarding your favorite match, IFTTT can do it all for you. This tool also integrates with Buffer and Hootsuite, making it a must-have tool for a serious digital marketing professional. #4. Oktopost Oktopost is an indispensable social media management tool that let B2B marketers manage their online presence with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. The tool is uniquely designed for B2B marketers, which follow every lead your business generates, and offers a best analytical report on which network, profiles, posts, and Tweet that are most effective for your business. Use Oktopost for measuring all your social media marketing activities, impression, engagement, conversion and relevant discover content. #5. Zapier Zapier is a cloud-based web tool that automates tasks between two online apps you might be using for your life or business by creating “Zaps”. The tool follows an “if this, then that” otherwise known as “Trigger – Action” structure, and a Zap can be created without any coding knowledge. Zapier recently updated its service by making Zaps possible between 3 or more apps/services. Currently, Zapier integrates with more than 500 web apps including Paypal, Google Spreadsheet, Twitter, Facebook, Wufoo, Dropbox, Evernote, Aweber, etc. #6. Outbrain Outbrain is perhaps the gold standard of content marketing tools. This platform can amplify your audience for any type of content including video, infographics, or blog. This is a pay-to-play option, where your content will appear as promoted suggested similar content along with other popular websites. If you want to reach out to the huge and highly relevant audience, then Outbrain is a must try! #7. CrowdBooster CrowdBooster is one of the most effective social media analytics tools that can optimize your social media marketing choices. Consistently, CrowdBooster automatically updates your social media analytics. It is also possible to generate custom reports, which can be very useful for client submission. #8. MailChimp MailChimp is currently the best email marketing tool available out there. It integrates well with WordPress, Shopify, Magneto and other platforms. MailChimp let you send 12,000 emails every month provided you have less than 2,000 subscribers. Other features include easy email creator, autoresponders, segmenting, tracking, analytics and more. #9. Url Shortener is a must for people that are new to digital marketing. not only shortens the URL but also work as an all-in-one click reporting tool. It is best for short posting on Twitter and tracks the clicks on posts to understand how well your content brings traffic to your website. #10. Green Lotus Green Lotus has launched 35+ SEO and Social Media Tools in one place, especially for small business entrepreneurs. This helps business owners with their Search engine optimization and search engine rankings. #11. TweetDeck If you are looking to manage and monitor your Twitter feeds, then TweetDeck is the best choice. It allows scheduling tweets and alerts for new tweets. TweetDeck is now available for Chrome, Windows and Mac desktops as well. #12. Tweepi At some point, you will surely need Tweepi, which is a Twitter management tool. It does a great cleaning job by flushing out unfollowers, removing inactive, counter following and follows what’s interesting. #13. Google Keyword Planner Google Keyword Planners is a keyword research tool helping you find targeted keywords. Just enter a keyword in the tool and Google will give you stats, search volume, and competition to play your keyword strategy. #14. SEOCentroRank Checker SEOCentro is an excellent keyword checking tool that checks your keyword performance not just in Google, but also in Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. #15. Yoast SEO for WordPress Yoast SEO for WordPress is a great tool for completely optimizing a WordPress blog. It helps to boost your WordPress blog’s visibility to Google’s search engine and has many advanced Social SEO features. #16. LiveChat You will surely need LiveChat when starting a new business so as to converse with people coming to your website. The “Chat Now” box proactively let your prospective client reach out your service representative for any quires. Live Chat #17. BuzzStream – BuzzStream is web-based software that helps the world’s best marketers promote their products, services and content to build links, buzz, and brands. Choosing the right digital marketing tools for your business will require you to understand your business needs. While the tools mentioned here may seem good, but might not be applicable to you. So, do a thorough research on the digital marketing tools that can improve your current social media strategy and business. #18. HubSpot - HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. HubSpot’s Growth Stack includes CRM and sales enablement tools, but the foundation of the Growth Stack is HubSpot Marketing. HubSpot Marketing allows organizations to bring all the tools they use to support their marketing under one umbrella that shares the same data. It includes everything a marketer needs to increase website traffic, convert website visitors into leads, and “close the loop” to deliver a measurable ROI. We are a leading Hubspot Partner based in India. Our experience on the HubSpot platform includes 7 implementations, native and custom CRM integrations (including Salesforce), lead scoring and conversion focused COS development. So, which are your preferred one for business? Drop a comment! Conclusion The utilization of these latest digital marketing tools is important for a business, if it wishes to efficiently market their brand and product/service. However, it’s important that these companies avail the services of an agency that provides quality digital marketing services, since they will be able to utilise these tools to their fullest extent. 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