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Digital Trends to Make the Most of December’s Festive Season


As we approach another festive season, it would be safe to say that the constant curiosity of deal-hungry consumers will hallmark the success of digital campaigns and efforts of brands. So, how should digital marketers do to break through the clutter and catch the attention of the curious lot? We'll…

As we approach another festive season, it would be safe to say that the constant curiosity of deal-hungry consumers will hallmark the success of digital campaigns and efforts of brands. So, how should digital marketers do to break through the clutter and catch the attention of the curious lot? We'll tell you how - a compelling combination of digital trends and practices that would make sure that your offers are not being missed out by your target audience. Through this article, we've listed various digital marketing trends that you should use in December:  

#1. E-mail marketing in the spirit of the holiday season

When it comes to sending out a personalised form of communication that will resonate the most with customers, one of the most effective marketing strategies has to be e-mail marketing. Contrary to the myth that most people believe – e-mail marketing is still going strong as a relevant marketing strategy in the fast-paced digital landscape. The sheer wealth of options that brands have when it comes to this form of marketing is massive, and this will especially be true for December. Therefore, it goes without saying that marketers should undoubtedly try to capitalize on the popularity of this festival and develop a form of e-mail communication that packs in a catchy copy and a better offer.

#2. Reward loyal customers with royal packages

When it comes to driving the sales of a particular organisation, it goes without saying that garnering as many customers as possible is the highest priority of any business. However, keep in mind that merely generating high sales at one point in time is not an optimum strategy in the slightest. A company also needs to make sure that they’re taking the appropriate steps to enhance the overall satisfaction that customers experience from interacting with their business. There are multiple ways in which a brand can help improve this nurturing they provide to their customer, and with the onset of the festive season, it becomes easier for business to figure out effective ways to reward their customers for sticking with the business. One such approach is to provide loyal customers with useful packages, that will bring them the ultimate delight. Also, you can share these offers/gifts when they expect it the least.

#3. Provide employees with festive rewards

Customers won’t be the only people that businesses will provide with these lucrative packages. In fact, one might argue that the people who deserve such rewards the most has to be the backbone of the organisation itself – the employees. It goes without saying that a motivated workforce will contribute to the overall growth when it comes to improving the productivity and efficiency of the organisation. And yes, one of the tried-and-tested ways to do so is through the provision of adequate reward services to these employees. Not only will this prove to be a rather useful motivator in itself, but it will also help when it comes to reducing employee turnover, incentivising work, and providing some other such valuable benefits.

#4. Usage of VR and AR

We’ve already seen just how powerful Augmented Reality can be in the form of Pokémon Go, that took over the world by storm almost a year back. While AR is an exciting piece of technology in itself, what’s really got most people quaking in their boots with excitement has to be the unprecedented rise of Virtual Reality as one of the most prominent ways in which technology can affect our lives. Everything from shopping products, viewing movies & TV shows, and – especially – playing games has been completely revolutionised with the continuing rise of this immersive technology. Adding a bit of a festive touch to both these forms of technology can prove to be an interactive marketing tool that will undoubtedly generate a lot of buzzes.

#5. Judicious application of chatbots

AI is quickly shaping up to be one of the most prominently used forms of technology, due to the sheer levels of functionality that are provided through the various applications. One such use that has taken over the marketing world by storm has to be chatbots, which have proved to be extremely effective when it comes to augmenting the marketing efforts of a particular organisation. Perhaps the major reason why chatbots have grown as a useful marketing tool is due to the personalised interactions that are enabled through the usage of this technology. As the festive seasons dawns upon us, the AI of these chatbots can also be tweaked to provide the customer with a better and more topical medium to let them interact with this particular brand.

#6. Taking advantage of geolocation opportunities

The widespread adoption of digital solutions has led to the innovation of specific technologies, which have proven to be quite revolutionary when it comes to revamping existing marketing strategies and efforts. Geolocation marketing has gone mainstream, which has led to the development of many innovative and highly convenient services that have certainly dictated how we go about with our daily lives. The technology of geolocation can prove to be highly efficient when it comes to revamping the existing digital marketing efforts of a particular brand since they can tailor this technology to suit their needs and provide their customers with a personalised experience when it comes to interacting with their brand. The points mentioned above detail out the various digital trends that are poised to take over the market come December and through the successful deployment, brands will be able to expand their marketing efforts in a way that serves the consumers as well as the business motives!

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