Importance of Marketing Automation for Marketers


Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and so is its usage by people across the world. With everything happening at the click of a button, it has become relatively more comfortable for the consumers to satisfy their needs and requirements anytime, anywhere. When brands across the globe are offering…

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and so is its usage by people across the world. With everything happening at the click of a button, it has become relatively more comfortable for the consumers to satisfy their needs and requirements anytime, anywhere. When brands across the globe are offering such ease of access to their consumers, why not they ease out their processes and functions too? Here, we are talking about automation. Automating your business processes will not only save time, resources and money, it will also perform your business functions accurately, promptly and with zero error. Automating business processes also reduces human intervention in the clerical tasks that can be achieved by machines and do not require much efforts and skills. This not only increases the efficiency, but also leaves them time for performing tasks that involve strategy planning, decision making and managing implementation. While you must be looking to automate your business processes, the most important amongst these is marketing automation.

1. What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the integration of technology and software to automate several marketing tasks and activities, which do not require much human involvement. These tasks are routine and clerical and can be easily done by machines as they do not require thinking skills or logical reasoning. Marketing automation is the best way to save time, energy and resources of the marketers to allow them time for strategic tasks. Marketing automation software can help you perform data segmentation, manage your email workflows, publish social media content and carry out other such marketing activities that are time-consuming and routine. It is a highly efficient way for businesses to personalise their marketing communications with potential customers to nurture them throughout their buyer journey. Another important aspect of marketing automation is that it aligns your marketing and sales functions to bring in more efficiency, by making both these departments work in tandem to attract unknown visitors and convert them into prospects and later, customers. Marketing automation is the best way to align both these functions to generate leads, convert them into sales and in turn, drive business and revenue with combined efforts.

2. How does it work?

Marketing automation software starts with making the process of data segmentation easier, thereby allowing personalisation of marketing campaigns basis the different buyer persona. The buyer persona is classified based on gender, age, demographics, interests, preferences among many other factors. Marketing automation tools help marketers create targeted campaigns and content to lure the different buyer personas, by communicating with them through the respective channels they use and providing them information based on their stage in the buying journey. This makes marketing customer-centric and results in generating more qualified leads and a higher conversion rate of them converting into customers. Marketing automation also helps marketers to nurture their visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into brands promoters. The fact that email marketing is the best way to nurture your existing or potential clients through one-to-one communication or interaction makes automation of emails all the more critical as it is imperative to be regular and prompt with responding to your client queries and needs.

3. Why is it important?

Saves Time and Resources Automating your marketing processes save a lot of time, efforts and resources that go into performing the clerical or routine tasks that can be done by machines and do not require thinking or analytical skills. Data-Driven With a marketing automation tool backing your marketing efforts, you will be able to measure your tasks and analyse the results. It also enables you to measure the ROI on each of your marketing campaigns and analyse what is working for you and what’s not, to help improve your future endeavours. Consistent Brand Availability Using a marketing automation software to perform your marketing operations ensure one of the most important things, that is being available 24x7 for your customers. A marketing automation tool ensures prompt and regular interaction with your customers on your part, which is essential for absolute customer satisfaction. Mass Personalisation Marketing automation offers highly tailored and customised marketing communications on a large scale, which is one of the most prominent reasons why marketers should employ marketing automation tools. Mass personalisation helps marketers in creating campaigns as per their buyer personas and cater to a broad target audience’s specific tastes and preferences. Increased ROI Marketing automation tools help you keep track of and analyse your performance to measure the results of your marketing efforts. The performance here is measured in terms of the returns generated from your marketing campaigns and the relative costs involved. The result is increased ROI, as you can evaluate what worked and what did not and perform marketing efficiently. With one of the best marketing automation software like HubSpot, you can not only automate your clerical or repetitive marketing tasks but also align your sales and marketing functions to deliver the best and the most effective results. It can also help you increase your ROI by diverting your marketing efforts in the right direction towards customer satisfaction and happiness.

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