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How to Increase Admissions in MBA colleges


We all know the importance of MBA in India. For some it’s the way to get the higher education and knowledge they need, for some, it’s the way to get into the big league. MBA is the hope that students from all across the world have to get better career…

We all know the importance of MBA in India. For some it’s the way to get the higher education and knowledge they need, for some, it’s the way to get into the big league. MBA is the hope that students from all across the world have to get better career prospects and have a better life. Year after another students struggle to get into a decent MBA college. Students work hard everyday to prepare themselves for the competitive exams than for the GD’s and then for the interviews. Even then they are not sure whether they will get into a decent B school. There are many B-schools in the world for which students from all across the globe take exams. It seems like that there are not enough quality MBA schools for students. But, there is another side to this story. While there has been a race amongst the students to get into the best of B-schools, there has been a race amongst the colleges too to attract students and fill up their seats. Colleges to fill up their seats and increase their enrolment rate make a lot of efforts and spend a sizeable amount of money and resources. Yet, there are multiple cases where quality colleges end up saving some seats because of the competition in the field. Therefore, it is important for colleges to start working on their marketing strategies to streamline their marketing efforts and increase their enrolment rate. Now as we understand the fact that marketing is pivotal for MBA institutes to stay in the competition and get attention from the students, another thing to consider is the fact that the efforts spend must be in the right direction. Education is the industry that has seen a huge shift in the status-quo when it comes to marketing. With digitalization of the marketing industry, digital marketing has become the only solution for universities and B-schools to increase their awareness and augmenting the enrolment rate. Therefore, if an MBA college wants to increase their admissions and enrolment rate, then they have to leverage the power of digital marketing along with the few tips and tricks. Hence, for the help of institute and educate them about the ways in which they can increase their admissions using digital marketing, we have jotted down some points: #1. Content marketing: Content marketing is one of the most valuable and result-driven marketing strategies for the brands. With continuous and quality content education institutes can establish a certain authority in the niche. When a B-school create and publish constant content and try to educate its audience, they create a certain affinity in the minds of students/ aspirant MBA graduates. Also, when students like the content created by an institute, it increases the chances of students sharing the content with their friends, which in turn increases the visibility of the brand and enrolment rate for the colleges.Know more about Definitive Content Marketing 2018 #2. Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing lets an institute to map the persona of students and create a marketing strategy accordingly. Inbound marketing is a strategy that works in a defined manner in which first step is to map the buyer’s persona and then pitch every individual according to their preferences. #3. SEO: When on digital platforms, the most important part is to have the visibility. SEO is one strategy that can single-handedly boost the visibility of a brand effectively. With many colleges and schools on the same platforms fighting for the top rank, it is important for MBA schools to get their SEO strategies right and get in the race to the top. Efficient SEO strategies help institutes to rank high in search engine results which create a certain impression on the minds of students, and they start looking at the strengths of the particular college. #4. E-mail: E-mail is one of the most used approaches to reach out to students, but only a few of them are able to ace it. E-mails take the content of educational institutes directly to the phones of students. Therefore, it is important for institutes to understand the needs of the students and provide them just the information that they are looking for. There are many tools present online which help institutes to understand what are the exact pain points for students and what information they want and then provide personalized solutions to students accordingly. While digital marketing has taken the center stage in the field of marketing, it is also important to understand that the strategies used in digital marketing must be equally good. Therefore, B schools must consider the above-mentioned strategies to get the most of their digital marketing strategies and increase the admission rate. If you’re an institute that is looking for a digital marketing agency for your marketing efforts or wish to understand more about how digital marketing can help an institute to enhance their enrolment rate then Contact Us Now

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