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New trends in technology are part and parcel of every year’s growth. There are enough and more latest trends in technology that you have to be part of if you want to keep up with the business needs and grow your business with new age customers. Here are top 10…

New trends in technology are part and parcel of every year’s growth. There are enough and more latest trends in technology that you have to be part of if you want to keep up with the business needs and grow your business with new age customers. Here are top 10 new trends in technology that will help your businesses and help you keep up with trending technology 2020.

#1. AI and Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence or AI and Machine learning include technologies like deep learning, neural networks, and natural-language processing. It helps systems predict behavior, learn from it and change future behavior. It is an advanced system that can teach systems to adapt future behavior based on learning from previous behavior. AI and Machine learning can be suited to your organization need to better understand your customers and help target specific business values to increase sales and visibility. A lot of technological giants are investing greatly in this technology, and it is yet unclear who will win in this case.

#2. Intelligent Apps

Virtual Personal Assistants or VPA is an example of intelligent apps that you are already exposed to Intelligent apps can help prioritize emails, highlight specific content and more. Intelligent Apps will also have AI in them making it more effective for adaptation to customer needs. As a business, it will be important to adapt to Intelligent apps if you want to be ahead of the curb and understand your customer and their needs better.

#3. Virtual & Augmented Reality

It is time to change how people interact with each other; Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are doing just that as a trending technology in 2017. Pokemon Go, the game that used AR, was just the start of something that will change the world as we know it. If you need to train people for specific scenarios, you wouldn’t need to recreate anything, just use Virtual Reality. You want to blend reality with fiction; AR is your best option. The future of this trending technology is looking promising and will penetrate our lives more and more.

#4. Blockchain

Blockchain, used by technologies like Bitcoin, is certainly going to be the trending technology 2017. The blockchain is a mathematical logic that ensures the validity of transactions. It is one of the latest trends in technology that is increasingly becoming a go-to place for secure transactions. The technology helps to prevent tampering of data and makes transactions online both trustable and efficient.

#5. Cloud Migration

Storage in the Cloud has been gaining more and more importance over the years. Cloud has become an integral part of all businesses. More and more business are adapting to the cloud technology for space and efficiency they offer in terms of storage. Investing in Cloud technologies will provide many benefits to businesses including reducing equipment costs, reducing hosting cost, increased capacity, streamlining operations, increased productivity, and so on.

#6. Cyber Security

Security is becoming an increasingly contentious topic in today’s world. As more people are going online, making transactions online and basically using online resources, the security of the data available there is becoming a bigger risk. To adapt to the latest technology of trends, developers and businesses alike must aim at keeping the security on top of their list of priorities. Latest technology trends will ensure that there is multi-layered security for the internet of things (IoT) to prevent cybercrime and secure user data.

#7. Digital Technology Platforms

There is hardly any substitute for going digital in today’s day and age. Therefore Digital technology platforms are some of the front running trending technologies. There are many new trends in technology including services for the internet of things, AI, and conversational systems. As a business, you can identify what kind of technology works for you. You can then evolve from there on and create the right solution for you and grow your business using digital technology. What’s more, you can also tweak the solution to meet your specific need, making the digital technology platform compatible with you.

#8. Humanized Data

Data is king these days. All kinds of data are collected, stored and analyzed. Important business decisions are made based on data. The buzz word in the new trends in technology is humanized data. Humanized data ensures that researchers go be just the numbers and focus on the people behind the data; going away from quantitative data, towards qualitative data. This is one of the latest technology trends that focus on not just how many people said a certain thing, but what kind of people said it. This will help you as a business focus more on the messaging rather than look at the data and assume if a product works or not.

#9. Cloud-to-Cloud Storage Backup

Cloud is fairly new, and often businesses have trouble adapting to new technology. However, given that Cloud is the technology of the future, it will be unavoidable for businesses to make it their own. Now that information about your business is already a part of the cloud, creating a cloud to cloud storage backup will certainly be a trending technology unavoidable to be part of.

#10. IoT, Smart homes, and offices

As far as new trends in technology go, the most astonishing of them is that we are not as connected as we should be given that there are so many solutions. However, it may be safe to say that the reason we are not as connected as we should be is because there are too many options and not enough collaboration. The trending technology of 2020 will hopefully bring everything together and make the universe as connected as it ought to be. Big companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple are working towards creating a uniform work experience that will hopefully ensure smart homes and smarter offices. The last thing you want to do is get left behind as a business. These are only some of the technologies that are getting face-time in 2017. Watch out for others and make them count for your business.

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