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Marketing is all about connecting with people and the message you are trying to get across to the masses. In today’s digital era, your best bet is digital marketing. Meeting customer needs digitally, having an online presence, organising campaigns - these steps can turn things around for brands. A well-planned…

Marketing is all about connecting with people and the message you are trying to get across to the masses. In today’s digital era, your best bet is digital marketing. Meeting customer needs digitally, having an online presence, organising campaigns - these steps can turn things around for brands. A well-planned strategy, proper use of media, and smart use of time can make all the difference for a brand with respect to presence, awareness, and image. Here are five in-house campaigns that we planned to help these brands stand out, garnering over 300 million views in totality, leaving a lasting impression.

Join the Revolt (Revolt Motors)

The purpose of this campaign was to introduce India’s first artificially-enabled motorcycle and create brand awareness for ‘Revolt.’ For this, people’s ideas and preconceived notions about electric vehicles had to be changed. Real-time marketing was used to churn out content and spread it across audiences by roping in influencers who spoke about environmental issues and concerns; witty t-shirt slogans like ‘why the fuel,’ ‘RIP Fuel,’ etc. were used - this was done to make people see that pollution masks and petrol will eventually become obsolete, and that the future of the nation lies in electric vehicles. 

The motorcycles were used as a symbol of revolt in #JointheRevolt campaign. A mega unveiling of the product was done in real-time, with YouTubers, Instagrammers, and influencers giving out vocal content. This was further amplified as people started raising back-to-back queries. For direct engagement with the crowd, setups were done in malls with stunt artists to grab the much-needed attention.

The results of this campaign were mind-boggling. Over 20,000 user-generated content was created; there were more than fifty videos with over 13 million views; website visits stood at an astounding 2.44 million, and the figures for content pieces generated was more than 5300.


Roadies Live Audition (MTV Roadies)

Due to the coronavirus induced lockdown, there were budget cuts, sponsors were stressed to no end, and the drop in Share of Voice was almost unavoidable. However, entertainment was kept on a roll even post the lockdown announcement - for the first time ever in the world, reality show auditions were hosted online. MTV Roadies live auditions were hosted across platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, and so on. Videos were recorded via Zoom, highlights were on Voot, and people could access these live auditions on their phones. Participants were seen going live on Facebook and performing tasks for their judges. In the time period between 2nd May 2020 and 26th June 2020, the live auditions reached as many viewers as 10 per cent of MTV’s television reach annually.

This campaign had a reach of more than 2 million, over 500,000 minutes views, and more than 64,000 engagement. About 17.5 crores worth of media mentions were also earned. 

MTV Roadies Live Audition

The Neo Tribe (Amazfit India)

#Theneotribe campaign aimed at positioning the Amazfit Neo as a pocket-friendly and retro-styled watch. The hype and buzz were created by letting everyone know about this new neo tribe that was bringing retro back, but fashionably - a marriage of the retro-past with the retro-future. It was seen that with the introduction of pop culture and K-dramas, retro had become like a cult for today’s millennials, and that way, this watch was a great addition to their style statement. The main motive was to have a strong position in the market, increase visibility, and build advocacy for the watch. Influencers and KOLs were also taken on board to spread the message far and wide.

This campaign resulted in a PR reach of 0.99 billion, the value of which stood at about 63.4 million. It had 200,000+ engagements, over 6 million impressions, and the reach was more than 4 million.

Amazfit Neo

Just EMI (Bajaj Finserv)

The concept here was quite simple. A lot of people prefer paying through monthly instalments also known as EMIs (or at least like to have it as an option). Bajaj Finserv has been synonymous with EMIs for quite some time now, and people usually associated the brand with electronics and lifestyle products. This campaign’s aim was to build awareness about products beyond these two categories, with Bajaj catering to 1000+ other categories. 

The strategy was to kickstart #JustEMI so that people would start using Bajaj Finserv cards as their go-to payment methods for whatever purchases they made. This was done through video-led social media marketing, influencer marketing, media, radio bytes, tech integrations, Public relations, and on-ground marketing. It was an interesting amalgamation of how the audience can use EMI cards, what products can be purchased via EMI, and a one-stop solution that showed EMI options across categories.

More than 200 videos were created, and over 60 influencers were activated for this campaign. There was a massive PR reach of over 241 million, over 1.6 million traffic, and transactions worth 33.7 million.


My Talking Tom Friends

This campaign aimed to launch My Talking Tom Friends as a cool and casual gaming app for the Indian audience apart from facilitating volume game downloads and promoting in-game experiences. Various social media platforms were used for this - Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, Tinder, etc. The primary strategy here was to create as much awareness as possible through videos, influencer marketing, and engaging content.

For this, nine influencers were brought in, and the content seeded stood at 25. There were 12 dedicated videos for this campaign, which garnered a colossal amount of views (12.7 Million+). Furthermore, engagements and impressions crossed 1.6 million and 0.6 million, respectively.


Unlike traditional marketing techniques and campaigns, digital marketing campaigns allow for real-time updates and results that enable us to plan our next move carefully. It is the best medium to connect with potential customers and clients on a global scale. To not use it would mean losing out on a host of golden opportunities. It definitely gives the much needed upper hand!

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