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Pump Up Your Marketing Game with Reduced Bounce Rates


Search traffic, conversion rate, and website performance are some digital marketing jargons that are not unheard of for savvy marketing experts who aim to thrive in the current digital age. Bounce rate is another critical term that differentiates between a star performing website and one that fails to attract and…

Search traffic, conversion rate, and website performance are some digital marketing jargons that are not unheard of for savvy marketing experts who aim to thrive in the current digital age. Bounce rate is another critical term that differentiates between a star performing website and one that fails to attract and retain visitors.  E-commerce and retail websites have an average bounce rate of 20-45%, implying numerous missed opportunities. This means that even a minor optimisation in the website can significantly impact the bounce rate and massively boost the user experience and business growth.  Here's how you can establish ground among competitors by running a successful, low bounce rate website:

Optimise Landing Pages for High 'Time on Site' 

A well-structured website plays a critical role in ensuring high Dwell Time. Its primary role is to fulfill user intent, which determines the time users spend on the site. Research suggests that about 53% of mobile site visitors abandon a website that loads in over 3 seconds, meaning that every second counts in evaluating the bounce rate. Your website loading speed, its visual appeal, and content quality are some factors that play a critical role in keeping the visitor engaged.  For a fairly low bounce rate on your website, well-placed ads, limited redirects and plugins, clear call-to-action buttons, and minified site codes are some optimisation steps you can undertake. You can significantly modify your website's rank on the Search Engine Results Page with these tactics.  

Visual Content for Customer Attention 

The easiest yet most effective means to mitigate cognitive load is to enhance visual content that informs, interacts, and influences visitors, encouraging them to take desirable actions. Visual content is a 'necessary' element to grasp users' attention. This does not mean overloading your website but embedding visual elements with attention to their placement and relevance.  The significance of visual content marketing increases ten folds as people remember only 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear, but 80% of what they see. This means that images, data-driven visuals like infographics, videos, charts, graphs, flowcharts, illustrations that narrate a story, visual surveys, intriguing GIFs and memes, etc., can help lower bounce rates. You must focus on the optimum number of visual elements you need on your website and the quality of visual content you offer to your visitors. 

Positive UX Dictates 90% of Brand Loyalty

UX quality and users' perception of online presence are key factors in measuring a brand's performance and success. 58% of customers do not hesitate to terminate business with a brand owing to poor customer experience. Therefore, you can ensure long-term engagement and loyalty toward your brand with proactive UX.  Positive UX determines the trust and credibility a customer has in your brand, both today and in the future, leading to higher interaction, better engagement, and an increased conversion rate. When visitors find it convenient to navigate your website, they tend to stick for long. Therefore, to ensure a smooth customer journey, you must strategically plan activities, from creating easy-to-navigate, well-structured, responsive websites to prominent CTAs on landing pages. 

Stayin' Alive with Live Blogging & Streaming

Users today judge your brand's veracity based on your digital presence. Hence, investing in live experiences can help you build a long-lasting connection with the audience. If the reason behind your online existence is to attract, engage, and retain customers, consider live podcasts & audio interviews as a great means to increase traffic and decrease bounce rates. Moreover, by hosting a strategically planned live event embedded on the website, you can witness improved customer engagement.  Additionally, user-generated content (UGC), comments, and discussions on your website can increase users' dwell time. By identifying the challenges and possibilities and cultivating a positive relationship with your buyer persona, you can improve the viewer experience on your pages. 

Let Your Customers Narrate Your Story

Today's audience is well-educated and aware. Thus, user-generated content proves to be better-performing, clearer, and much more reasonable, leading to lower bounce rates and higher duration on the webpage.  Research indicates that UGC is 50% more trusted and dictates 29% higher web conversion than websites without it. Therefore, positive word-of-mouth through user reviews, comments, and testimonies works as social proof, improving your brands' authenticity and trustworthiness. Furthermore, emphasising community-driven values on landing pages, sharing social media contests results, and incorporating visual ratings are effective ways to keep users coming back for more.  

Rethink Your Website Optimisation Efforts

The big distinction is whether users bounce back because your website ensured their purpose was fulfilled or to search for a better result on your competitor's site. While the former would mean you have managed to establish the best website and offer the best solutions (a rare case scenario), the latter implies that your website fails to offer what users expect.  Either case, laying emphasis on your online presence is of the essence when functioning in today's digitally-driven business landscape. And what better way to do so than revamping your website, the online face of your business.  While most businesses incline all their energies toward creating the best product or service, strategically-planned website optimisation activities can reduce the bounce rate and boost business growth exponentially. All these measures can increase the dwell time and deliver more repeat visitors. Explore what your website optimisation needs are and put the best activities in place to enhance customer engagement. Unleashing the full potential of your website in your hands, all you need to do is implement the right strategies most appropriately!

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