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For any E-commerce Business, having a successful E-commerce team is a must, and for any E-commerce Business founder, having basic knowledge of the digital world is crucial. The knowledge of the digital space helps an E-commerce enthusiast hire the right talent, ask the right questions, delegate the tasks ideally, and…

For any E-commerce Business, having a successful E-commerce team is a must, and for any E-commerce Business founder, having basic knowledge of the digital world is crucial. The knowledge of the digital space helps an E-commerce enthusiast hire the right talent, ask the right questions, delegate the tasks ideally, and manage the team optimally. The first and foremost step of an e-commerce business owner is to understand the practice that is primary and paramount in the e-commerce business cycle. Yes, we are talking about E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is a digital marketing strategy for an online store to increase the traffic on its website, organically improve the ranking in the SERP, and, optimize its conversion rate. 

E-commerce SEO is the start of any online store’s digital marketing and it ensures a surefire hit for the online store’s digital presence. In this article, we cover the overview of various E-commerce SEO practices that every e-commerce enthusiast must be aware of, along with a sprinkle of insights to build your resourceful E-commerce marketing team. 



The website is your online store and it is the first place the e-shopper lands on when they search for your business which makes it imperative to have a lucrative design that well aligns with your business’s persona. In addition to the website design, the following factors play a major role in keeping your bounce rate minimal: 

  • Building a responsive yet simple home page 
  • Ensuring easy navigation for a user-friendly experience.  
  • Creating quick-loading web pages.  
  • Having an SSL Certificate on the website. 
  • Keeping a simplified URL Structure.  


Google My Business is the tool where you can register your business and mention information such as Location, Office Hours, Brief Description, etc. Businesses usually underestimate the power of optimizing their Google My business profile. Google My Business is a prominent source of targeting through local SEO and map stack results.

Generating authentic and credible reviews and ratings for your business in the Google My Business tool also significantly improves the “E-commerce” store’s visibility in SERPs.  


Keyword Research and Optimization is possibly one of the most important SEO practices as keywords help Google recognize your industry of service and then connect your E-business with pertinent shoppers. Keyword research helps the growth of an E-store in the following ways: 

  • Keyword research helps you understand what your target audience is looking for. 
  • It connects your e-store to the e-shoppers.
  • Keyword analysis provides insights into the trends of the industry. 
  • It helps you draft your website content strategically. 
  • Optimal use of relevant keywords increases the traffic to the e-store by improving visibility in the SERPs. 
  • By targeting semantic keywords you can link other similar products, in your online store, to the main one. 
  • It helps you pick the right keywords with lucrative search volume and popularity. 
  • Through careful keyword research, you can identify your niche and use the keywords that best describe your e-business. 


There are two components that optimize the product listing for your e-business, which are: 

  • Separate Product Pages 

Each and every product and/or service that your e-store has to offer must have a separate page that is easy to navigate, responsive, fast loading, and clean with the right amount of product information. To make it more interactive, these pages can also feature videos and tutorials of the products. 

  • Unique Product Description 

As time-consuming as it may sound, it is important to have a unique product description for each and every product that your online store has to offer. This helps in solving the issue of duplication of content and also provides an avenue to utilize the target keywords and create rich snippets, which brings us to the next point.


Rich Snippets are those brief explanations that appear in the SERPs and they have a higher CTR (Click Through Rate). SEO optimizes the use of Rich Snippets through Schema Markup. Proper use of this function increases the visibility of your “E-commerce business” in the SERPs, increasing the chances of your e-business appearing in the sections of “people also asked for '', “Top Stories' ' and AutoComplete in the search box. 


An E-commerce store is generally full of image data that can be optimized to rank higher in the SERPs. By compressing the size of the image before publishing it on the website, the loading time of the same can be reduced, and, by using the alt text section while publishing images, one can rank higher in the Google Images search results. Ranking in Google Images is easier than ranking in general SERPs. E-commerce businesses have a cut above others when it comes to ranking in Google Images. 


Sharing knowledgeable content and insights on your website through blog posts can be a great source to take your SEO practices up a notch. It is a free platform for your business to invite organic traffic through keyword targeting, especially LSI keywords and social sharing. 

Above that, once an “E-commerce” business builds its brand name and creates remarkable goodwill in the market, the customers, stakeholders, and competitors look forward to such informational content from their end.


Doing the SWOT analysis helps you understand your industry better in order to utilize all the resources as per industry trends. When it comes to competitor analysis, various channels can be analyzed for varied analyses, such as: 

  • To get marketing inspiration, competitors’ Landing Pages and Social Media handles can be analyzed.
  • For learning how to best optimize product description, competitors’ Estore can be analyzed. 
  • Google Trends is a great tool to determine industry-specific and trending keywords. 

Knowing about all the practices is indeed a step forward but it is not the destination. Optimal execution is as important as strategic planning and for that, every e-commerce business must have a strong e-commerce team. 


Keep in mind, E-commerce SEO is one of the sure-shot ways of growing your e-store tremendously without a hefty monetary investment. It is exceptionally beneficial for budding entrepreneurs who are just embarking on their e-commerce journey. 

We understand that building an in-house E-commerce Marketing team can be expensive, both in terms of resources and time, so we at #ARM “Worldwide”, extend our helping hand to lift some of your burdens that come with starting and growing your e-commerce business. 

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