Are You Taking Advantage of QR Code Marketing?


We are sure you’ve come across those weird looking squarish barcodes. Yes, we are talking about QR or Quick Response codes. They are omnipresent these days and can be seen in advertisements, direct mail communication, and even sale announcements. More and more businesses are realizing what QR codes can do…

We are sure you’ve come across those weird looking squarish barcodes. Yes, we are talking about QR or Quick Response codes. They are omnipresent these days and can be seen in advertisements, direct mail communication, and even sale announcements. More and more businesses are realizing what QR codes can do to increase their growth and are using the codes as part of their marketing strategy. How can QR codes help with marketing and communication? Though mostly used in websites as well as email marketing, QR codes play out in a better manner when physically present before the user. So, a direct mailer with a code will work better than the one in the email marketing. Sales carry bag, a street sign or an eatery’s takeaway box lets the user or the viewer use the QR code physically and connect faster to loads of information by scanning it. Whatever the trade pundits say, QR codes are here to stay. They will continue to grow and become popular by way of their frequent usage. Easy to create, hassle-free, they are becoming convenient for the customers to use them. Engaging audiences with QR codes is a task that’s not very difficult which would ultimately lead to traffic to your site and eventually sales. We are listing some examples of how organizations big or small can incorporate QR codes to better their standing in the market:
  • Wine labels with QR codes could help connoisseurs or even those trying to acquire a fine taste know more about the vintage, the vineyard or even be able to locate a store for their further consumption.
  • Online property agents could use a QR code to enhance sales or simply inform people about the availability of real estate. This could be added to videos of walkthroughs of the property.
  • Employees’ business cards could carry QR codes thus facilitating the process of networking for all.
  • QR codes placed next to the products in retail shops could help with detailed information about the same.

1. What can be done to benefit from QR codes?

QR codes have to be printed on something to get noticed, this in itself is a wonderful opportunity to keep your message highly targeted. While your business can easily cast an extensive net, it can still only target a meaningful audience. With the availability of newspapers, magazines, business cards, direct mailers, fliers, signages, packaging and much more, your QR codes on them can redirect the consumers to a distinctive feature on your mobile website. It could be any of the following:
  • Buying off directly from the smartphone
  • Videos that could showcase branding, how-tos, product demos, entertainment and other engaging content
  • Store locator
  • Options to subscribe (this could lead to data gathering for making sales or at least contact at a later stage)
  • Coupons
  • Recipes and tips
  • Help with restaurant reservations/view menu
  • Downloads

2. Even your customer benefits from QR Codes

The customer is already impressed by you that she/he doesn’t have to bother with dialing numbers or clicking endlessly to get to where they want to be. Just by scanning the action code on magazines, ads, coupons or signages, the user can reach you. You’ve saved them time and effort and made it easy for them to get the information they need. These are positive impacts that are quite capable of bringing people to your store. Studies say it all with the numbers - 94% of mobile users search for information on their smartphone and more than half of that percentage – a whopping 66% of those searchers do go ahead and visit a business in person or online at a later stage.

3. Small businesses can benefit fantastically by using QR codes

Recent studies have shown that the usage of QR codes has gone up by more than 50% over the last year. Consumers are tapping into mobile business websites like never before. Smaller businesses with a mobile website have recorded 84% jump in sales. With an appealing mobile website design, along with the usage of QR codes, smaller businesses can easily get the word out about themselves. Customer experience can be enhanced and sales can be moved up with just the usage of a smartphone and some quirky looking squares. It can’t be an easy decision for smaller businesses to let go of this opportunity. We are putting forth some fabulous benefits to market your small business whilst using QR codes Gets print and online media together Time to shorten the gap! QR Codes can be really useful to bridge the gap between print and online media. Use them in offline print and they redirect you to online pages. Poring through a publication, you come across an advertisement for a retail product. Along with it stands a QR code that can help you with a detailed description of the product. Scan the code and you could reach a video that could put your doubts about the product at rest.

4. Helps you build a community

Your codes could get linked to your business’s Facebook page. Scanning the code would automatically lead to people liking your page. Your followers could increase almost immediately. And you could retain them or attract some more with discount codes that are unique to each and every QR code. “Scan and get 15% off” could be a start to an all new relationship with a potential customer.

5. You can track them all down

You possibly couldn’t know who checked your ads in magazines and newspapers, but QR codes lets you track results because they are based on scans. Now you can figure out if someone from the next town is giving your business or someone next door has noticed your ad in the local paper.

6. Build some excitement with something extra

Everyone likes something more than is dished out. Customers too are interested in knowing if there is an iota of mystery in that scan and they will get something they aren’t expecting. So, if you’re talking about food, you could write, “Scan the QR code for a superfast, super delicious recipe.” People always like something that comes to free and this is an added benefit that the customer is sure to like. It’s not hard on the pocket You can get your QR codes created for almost nothing. Some free online programs will readily do that for you. Some free online programs are available that can create basic QR codes for you!  Websites namely qrstuff or qrcode kaywa come for no cost or are extremely cheap. They also provide great information for your QR needs. QR code creation has increased to an amazing 1,253% in the past few years. Two million action codes out of these were created in less than 3 months. That speaks volumes about the importance of QR codes in marketing and communication. It has a very limited downside and a very large upside potential to grow sales. It can aid in getting you new customers, more business and definitely much more exposure. From customizing messages to personalized wrapping papers, from making dull spaces into places of interest, from adding a touch of creativity to almost anything, QR codes are worth giving a shot. Also, Know more about Digital Marketing to hike up your Business.

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