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10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About Content Marketing


Content Marketing is the new age marketing strategy. It employs the use of content like articles, blogs, videos and photos to engage with potential customers. One of the major platforms that content marketing focuses on is social media. Social media is the largest platform in today’s time since a huge…

Content Marketing is the new age marketing strategy. It employs the use of content like articles, blogs, videos and photos to engage with potential customers. One of the major platforms that content marketing focuses on is social media. Social media is the largest platform in today’s time since a huge number of people have a social presence and are active on some social media platform. In such a time, using content marketing strategies can help a company grow. This is why we have made a list of 10 things every marketer should know about content marketing.

1. It is the marketing of the future

Every company nowadays is getting inclined towards content marketing. It is 60% cheaper than traditional marketing, appealing to consumers and requires less manpower. People have gotten immune to traditional marketing, with call blocking for spam numbers, ad-blockers on their web browsers for online ads and so on. People want to engage with your company to know more about it, but if – and only if – the consumer is looking for a product/service that you offer.

2. It works best with shareable content

The main strategy of content marketing is to get people talking about your brand through the content that you create. Here, the visitors of your content become the promoters of said content if they find it appealing enough. For them to become promoters and promote your content on social media, the content has to be easily shareable with the click of a button. Generally, any link to a blog or any photo or video is easily shareable. Making good content in such easy-to-digest forms is the heart of all content marketing and social media marketing strategies.

3. It has tangible results

The progress and success of a content marketing campaign can be measured by monitoring social and website traffic. It is not a strategy with no measurable results, as the variation in social media traffic and website are indicators of how many people view your social media posts and follow through to your websites. This helps you manage and tweak your campaigns to get desired results and an understanding of what strategies work and what won't.

4. Social media is the tool to use

Social media is the biggest and most effective tool to be used for promoting the content you post. On an average, most people tend to spend an hour every day on various social media platforms. This makes social mediums the most widespread tool for promoting any content. It has a broad, widespread reach and helps in spreading news swiftly.The widespread use and reach are essential for any campaign to become successful. It also helps campaigns attain success without having a wide follower base.

5. Keep the campaign organic

Keeping the content outreach organic is important. Potential customers don’t want to be bombarded with paid advertisements everywhere. They are more interested if someone they follow or are friends with, shares some piece of content, as they tend to believe more in shared or liked content. Keeping it organic also ensures that the website traffic or social traffic that you get continues even after the campaign is over. This is essential for the growth of a company.

6. It helps build networks

For promoting your content, you need to collaborate with other blogs and/or profiles which have large followings. This helps you widen the scope of potential customers that you can reach. You can achieve a lot by these collaborations as there is mutual benefit in them. People start relating to your product as the one that social media influencers use, which makes them want to try out the products by themselves. Also, via the widespread reach that you achieve, people will also want to invest in your brand, helping you with professional connections for your brand.

7. Interact with people online

Never forget to appreciate positive remarks about your brand or content. Replying to negative reviews or dissatisfied customers is equally important. This habit of replying to customer reviews helps in building brand trust and loyalty, which is an important part of marketing in the competitive world. Brand loyalty helps make your existing customers come back to you for repurchase and also become promoters of your brand and products in their social circles. This is an important aspect of attracting new customers continually – when non-associated people talk good about your brand and are loyal to it.

8. Consistency is key

Be consistent with your posting schedule, and make sure that you are incorporating the company’s vision. Analytics have found that post interaction and website redirects are more from those social profiles that post regularly. Not every piece of content has to be the viral kind, but it has to contain information relevant to your potential customers. Being consistent with the company vision helps maintain a connect between you and your existing customer base. This builds the trust that people have in your brand.

9. Don’t neglect your existing customers

Your existing customers are a big asset for your company. Don’t neglect them in any way. The key to doing that is by running some kind of a loyalty program where you give them some offers on your brand from time to time, or some form of an exclusive first look at your products. This makes them feel like a part of an exclusive community – a community that is interested in and likes your products.

10. Stay in touch with what’s trending

Being ahead of the trending topics on social media is always important. Creating interesting content on the trending topics helps in keeping people invested in your presence on online media. As the trending topics are always hot for conversations both on social media and face-to-face interactions, it helps improve brand recall if you can create good content on those topics. The best promotion for any brand is when people talk about it. It all depends on where you get people talking about you; online or offline.

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