7 Things You Need to Know about AI in Marketing for Business


Artificial Intelligence is something that excites and frightens people at the same time. AI is something that has provided the world with a level of technology that was only dreamt of a few years ago. From chatbots to self-learning robots, the journey of AI is truly awe-inspiring. AI has been…

Artificial Intelligence is something that excites and frightens people at the same time. AI is something that has provided the world with a level of technology that was only dreamt of a few years ago. From chatbots to self-learning robots, the journey of AI is truly awe-inspiring. AI has been associated with the field of robotics and machinery for a long time now, but for the past few years the technological dominance of AI has been increasing in every area and doesn't seem to be coming to an end. With the advent of AI in the Marketing and Sales field, there has been a tremendous shift in the way things are done.

With the arrival of the new age media and social platforms, marketers have a lot of data and information about their customers and the market scenarios. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enables marketers to use this information wisely and make better decisions.

From executing autonomous marketing campaigns to mining the content engagement report; AI-powered tools are available in the market to help companies get all these tasks done quickly and efficiently. With companies like HubSpot, Boomtrain, Indico, etc. working to create artificially intelligent tools and functions, marketers are getting better insights about the market and can take better business decisions.

7 Benefits of AI in Marketing: Things You Must Know

Here, we have listed down some of the things that you must know about these artificially intelligent tools and what benefits it can provide to your company.

#1. Delivering Personalised and Relevant Content to Customers

Today, when there is so much competition and everybody is in the race to win the customer's attention, what truly helps is the personalisation. No one wants to read long, uninteresting messages and waste their time. AI-powered tools help companies gather customer data and provide personalised and relevant customers accordingly. Brands can depend on these AI-powered tools to extract relevant information and provide better content to consumers by engaging them on a constant basis. If used wisely, these tools can help bring a new level of profit to companies and increase brand awareness and authority amongst the customers.

#2. Abolishing Marketing Waste

A lot of businesses tend to create mass awareness campaigns and execute expensive marketing stunts to gather the attention of the masses, but nowadays such attacks are not worth the money. With the presence of AI, a company can easily find their target audience and what that particular zone of the public wants. AI helps businesses to narrow down the target group and allows them to design campaigns and marketing stunts accordingly without wasting a hefty amount of money on mass campaigns.

#3. Simulated Assistants and Chatbots

Virtual bots and assistants not only help to get a better understanding of the customer's behaviour, but also generates a certain level of excitement in them. Being new, having these virtual assisted bots can help you to get a lot of attention from the consumers and build an authority amongst people. For example, virtual sales representatives such as Conversica’s sales assistant help to qualify the sales to lead before they’re passed on to human agents.

#4. Changing the Skill Set for Marketers

Although these AI enabled tools are of great help to companies and marketers, and help them understand their customers better, it does have some side effects on the marketers and experts. Marketing is not just about how good of a communicator you are or how good you are in creating new marketing campaigns anymore. AI has changed the game completely and now professionals do need to have an understanding of technology and the relevant tools. A future marketing team must have a business analyst, data scientist, data-driven marketer and the marketing technologist.

#5. Consumers Behaviour is Affected by AI

AI is not only developing for the marketers but also changing the customer’s world. With so many new developments and innovations, experts believe that there will be a time when bots will be doing the research and other tasks for us, including purchases. The first phase of content review will be done by bots and not by humans, and humans will read only the best content after sufficient filtering from the bots.

#6. Quality content is Key

Just adopting cutting-edge technology is not going to work for the company. Companies must understand that AI needs an of ingredients and quality content is the most important thing amongst them. A system is good when it is not just smart algorithmically but also rich in content.

#7. Challenges while Adopting AI

According to a survey, 60 percent of marketing experts admit that they are worried about AI stepping into the marketing world. They’ve stated that it is going to take a lot of time and effort to integrate these new AI tools with the existing technology. Also, training their employees to get them ready for these new devices will also take up a lot of time and resources of the company.

These AI-powered tools are not just changing the face of the marketing industry but also the jobs of marketers. With all the major tasks getting auto

mated, experts fear that this will lead to an overall loss of employment for professionals. For example: earlier we used to turn on our TV to get the news and get informed about the world events, and there were news channels for the purpose of providing news. But, nowadays when we have so many apps and different online platforms to read any news story, we barely use our TV sets for news.

Despite these fears and significant transformations in the marketing world, AI is the next big thing in the world of marketing. The reason why AI has been a hot favorite in every industry is because of the interest it has generated amongst the people. Straight out of the fiction movies, AI has been taking over the world of technology at an incredible rate and has gained the attention of masses. This is one reason why no company want to neglect the presence of Artificial Intelligence and is using every possible thing to get the attention of the masses.

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