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Why SAAS need to start using HubSpot for Business


When you are comparatively new in the digital marketing business, a hand-holding guide like HubSpot can make life easier for you. And – given that the SaaS sector is like a new kid on the block but really wants to grow big as fast as possible – HubSpot can be…

When you are comparatively new in the digital marketing business, a hand-holding guide like HubSpot can make life easier for you. And – given that the SaaS sector is like a new kid on the block but really wants to grow big as fast as possible – HubSpot can be of immense help to the companies out there. It is not an unusual practice for SaaS companies to work with HubSpot at reasonable budgets and get more than their desired results. They’ve managed to fare pretty well in terms of attracting a good quality of traffic to their site, converting the traffic into promising leads and eventually turning those leads into paying customers. HubSpot is a wonderful tool indeed, but the question that needs to be asked is why does it do so well for SaaS companies per se? There’s no shortage of digital marketing companies that software companies can pick and choose from, but here’s why we feel that HubSpot should top the list:

#1. More leads are generated

It’s not exactly recent news that many automation platforms can do a good job at lead tracking, lead nurturing and then ultimately converting these leads into customers. But HubSpot undertakes this job spectacularly and seamlessly integrates the top-of-the-funnel tools. Making your life blissful, your whole website can be easily built on the HubSpot CMS. So, you can go ahead and benefit from their landing pages, call-to-actions that appeal to a lot of people, SEO tools, blogging platform, social media platforms and much more. Just turn to HubSpot to turn your site into a lead generator. The company’s analytics then go on and let you monitor and see for yourself how well your marketing is doing. This can help you prioritize your leads.

#2. Segmentation can be done based on lifecycle

Identifying where a customer is in the marketing lifecycle is of vital importance for a strong inbound marketing strategy. HubSpot lets you segment your database depending on where they are in the lifecycle: if they are leads, or a customer, or even in a trial period. Based on this information, it becomes easier to personalize messages such as emails, posts in social media and website communication as well. Armed with the knowledge of where the target audience is at that precise moment, call-to-actions can be created accordingly. Messages can also be personalized as per the changing needs and desires of the clients. In case a trial was about to come to an end, it would spell an opportunity to offer the client something better in the form of an upgrade. HubSpot makes sure these actions are automated so you do not have to overthink your actions or miss any given opportunity.

#3. Centralize Marketing Reporting

It’s clear that – in the right context – customization is indispensable when it comes to making the marketing strategies stand out from the rest. But what is not really clear is the way to integrate the user and the data available from your CRMs. If there is no proper way to join the dots and connect the data, all the information garnered will go for a waste and along with it, all the opportunities to increase your revenue as well. Working in collaboration with your CRM system, HubSpot can take on the role of your marketing hub. Once you log in, you can know which of your marketing efforts are paying off and which aren’t. The enterprise package from HubSpot even provides many in-depth features that let you know the status of these revenues. It also lets you figure out which channel is generating how much revenue, and where exactly you should be investing to increase the revenue margins.

#4. Now call and record calls within the HubSpot CRM

You already know how useful HubSpot CRM is. Now, just imagine – you can also make calls to your prospects with just one click in your CRM. If that wasn’t enough, you can also record these calls as well. So, put that notepad away and say goodbye to scribbling notes while also trying to remember what to write! With this CRM replacing all your manual efforts of recording and logging the calls, all you need to do is press the replay button whenever you want to do so. HubSpot knows what it takes to make it all smooth and easy for you.

#5. Let someone else develop

If you divert your focus from your core business and try to employ your development skills when someone else can do it for you, your business and brand will feel drained. HubSpot offers the whole gamut at one place – the entire set of marketing tools is available right at your fingertips, with all the pieces firmly in place. Wouldn’t life seem wonderful if there was a single login for everything – from a blog to email, to even the testing a landing page. Why would you want to do something that has already been done for you?

#6. Co-marketing

A lot of SaaS companies join forces with other businesses by running a co-marketing campaign. This is done with a view to either complement their product offering, or because the organizations share the same mindset. The leads generated by such a collaboration are divided amongst the participating companies. By collaborating, the companies can manage to reach various audiences. Content that comes out of such collaborations is usually quite engaging and promising. This also lends itself to the generation of leads, and showcases thought leadership. HubSpot often gets together with various companies in several co-marketing campaigns, such as working in tandem with LinkedIn.

#7. The sales prowess goes up

Your sales team can be totally empowered and energized with HubSpot's lead tracking function. The sales team will get to know the source of each lead, the blogs that have been read, the website pages that have been viewed, the emails that have been clicked on and so much more. The plus side of this obviously translates into the sales teams knowing what the customers really want and holding conversations that really matter. Once these teams know that certain individuals have opened particular emails or read blogs pertaining to a specific topic, it will become easier for them to overcome certain challenges.

#8. Product trials

Wouldn’t you just love to test drive a product? Trials of products as well as services is an important lead generation source in today’s day and age. Your target audience might be someone who gets stimulated by a trial and not by speaking to your sales team members. The idea of a trial is also to facilitate self-service. You can go about doing your job with little investment, but you need to remember to make it a pleasant and a positive experience for the lead as well. One-to-one calls, automated emails, educative webinars or all three together can create this magic. HubSpot realizes the importance of people who are out to try your product. They need to be tracked carefully and are called product qualified leads (PQLs). There needs to be a balance between putting off the client totally and using short-cuts to reduce the overall cost.

#9. Retargeting

You can re-engage your leads who have left your website and drastically enhance conversion rates in the process. A lot of e-commerce sites have used retargeting by offering deals to attract their customers once again. You should – by all means – use retargeting if you want to turn your website visitors into customers who will pay up. HubSpot’s AdRoll integration lets you leverage retargeting on the company’s marketing platform. Using this tool gives your brand an opportunity to get closer to the customer, and build both trusts as well as credibility. These strategies have been tried and tested, and have helped SaaS companies become bigger and better. But, you will need to analyze and find out for yourself and your brand what works best for you and drives home profits and results that are beyond the usual figures you expect.
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