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Why Should Marketers Go for ROI Driven Content Marketing Agency?


Content marketing is one key form of inbound marketing, where you attract customers to your company's website instead of going out in search for them. The customer attention is achieved via creating and sharing content through various formats. This can be done on any of the several social media platforms…

Why should marketers go for ROI driven Content Marketing Agency? Content marketing is one key form of inbound marketing, where you attract customers to your company's website instead of going out in search for them. The customer attention is achieved via creating and sharing content through various formats. This can be done on any of the several social media platforms that exist in today’s online world. With the increase in awareness about the market and amount of information present online, the efficiency and results achieved via inbound marketing strategies is what is making the world take note of content marketing strategies. Traditional marketing methods are still widely used, but the greater return on investments is making people shift over to inbound marketing. Content marketing involves certain steps that achieve specific goals for the promotion of the company. In an ROI driven strategy, the focus is given on all types of content marketing strategies, to improve the overall sales and experience of the company. This, in general, it helps in improving the ROI of your company. This is one of the main reasons, why marketers in general, and even you, should go with agencies that cover all aspects of content marketing, The different types of content marketing elements: Content marketing strategies mainly adopt four major types of content, Social/Viral content: These are the content types which are created to be shared on the various social media platforms and to create a buzz. Such posts are focused on creating brand awareness and is generally focussed on getting views and attracting potential customers. Evergreen content: This is the content that is kept in the form of web pages and is search engine optimized. These pages are meant to be in the top search results for the topic that they cover, improving the reach of your company for potential customers. Link earning content: More the incoming links to your page, better is its visibility. With more links, the online presence of your company expands, bringing a larger visitor base to your site. Lead generating content: This content is created to push the interested visitors to engage with the company and experience the products or enquire about them. This type of content usually has a call-to-action button that gathers vital information like name, email id, contact number etc. of the visitor. These details can later be handed over to the sales team of the company to follow up with.


Being ROI driven means to be careful about all the goals achievable by content marketing, for a wholesome development of the company and ultimately driving a better ROI. This implies that an agency should analyse and explore the potential of creating viral content for improving brand awareness and building instant affinity, planning an editorial calendar that pushes evergreen content to improve the searchability of your company and much more. To know more, visit here.

Strategies used by agencies:

The agencies first collect data from various sources like Google Analytics and analyze it. This data tells us about the state of brand awareness, social presence, social traffic, website traffic and other aspects of the company. This is important data for inbound marketing as these show the progress of the existing and previous marketing strategies. Based on this data, agencies can identify which aspect needs to be boosted and the most efficient method to do it. The strategies made this way will help design targeted content marketing strategies, using minimum resources and maximizing output. Wasted efforts would be minimized. These strategies include getting creatives made, creating blogs and tweets, using social media influencers, hosting online and offline events to spread the word etc. Depending on what the product is, a video or a photo or a blog is created. Collaborations with other blogs are made to widen the reach of the blogs. Hosted campaigns are also done on a similar basis with the same goals. Social media influencers are used to spread the word and share content with a large group of people to increase the share of voice. All these activities will be targeted at creating brand awareness, getting social and web traffic, keeping existing customers in the loop and while reaching to the newer potential ones. After this comes monitoring the effects of the applied content strategy on the online traffic on the company. Based on the variation in actual and desired result, the strategy is tweaked. This helps to increase the number of visitors and leads which can be used by the sales and customer care team to convert into sales, improving the ROI of the campaign. For more information refer here.

How does being ROI driven help:

Being ROI driven, one looks at the all-round improvement of the company. You will want to increase your customer base, make existing customers come back for repurchase, improve your social presence and increase brand conversations, increase visitor traffic on your company etc. This would lead to more sales and also improve your ROI. This holistic development is beneficial for the future of the company and helps your company grow in the long run.


In today's era, the challenges of marketing have increased with the growth of marketing and increasing competition. Everyone is onboard with the latest marketing tricks and methods. In times like this, with the growth of inbound and content marketing, you cannot ignore the importance of inbound marketing in your strategy development process. Inbound marketing is a very organic and efficient way to attract customers who fit your typical buyer personas, without using up too much of your resources. An ROI driven content marketing agency, will not only look at the immediate, small improvements in the online presence of the company, but it will also help to look at the bigger picture, looking into the holistic development of the company. It will do it at all stages and mediums of attracting customers, right from reaching out to strangers and making them aware to converting the interested people into customers. This ensures improvement into the ROI of the campaign and overall sales of the company.

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