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Why SMB’s Need Content Marketing for to Grow Businesses?


Content marketing is the new way of marketing a brand in the age of social media. Running a SMB is not an easy task and to get your brand across to potential customers is even difficult. If you can’t get across to your target audience, you can’t create awareness for…

Content marketing is the new way of marketing a brand in the age of social media. Running a SMB is not an easy task and to get your brand across to potential customers is even difficult. If you can’t get across to your target audience, you can’t create awareness for your brand. This affects the sales and other aspects of your company. This is where adopting content marketing steps in.

Content marketing employs the use of creative and interactive content, in the form of videos or pictures or even written articles. These creative elements are targeted towards the potential customers, helping you reach out to them in a non-invasive way. Content marketing is inexpensive than traditional marketing to implement, more efficient and requires less labour. Overall it is a better strategy to follow and is also easier for small businesses to implement. With a good campaign, you can increase your reach on social media, like any other big brand.

Challenges Faced by SMB’s for Marketing

The biggest problem faced by any SMB is its limited resources. The fact that they don’t have a lot of people or capital to assign to marketing restricts the choices they have to market their brand. Unlike bigger companies, SMB’s cannot allot big teams just to take care of marketing, or big budgets. It puts a restriction on the methods or reach that you can have and limits the visibility for the company on web. Another limitation is, as the visibility of the brand is low, generating leads is challenging and affects sales. Customers nowadays know how to avoid or block out most of the advertisement content on the internet using ad-blockers and other tools. Reaching out to them in an organic way is important for any company. People don’t want to be bombarded with information on products they don’t want. They just want what’s relevant to them.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves creating relevant, audience targeted content to reach out to potential customers, in an effort create awareness for the brand. It can also be used to convert the target audience into leads and leads into customers.

The targeted content can be in the form of informative or viral videos, or written text like a blog, which talks more about particular problems and their solutions, which can be solved by their product.

The purpose of writing a blog should not be aimed at talking only about the product or brand for promotion but should be written with an intent to increase user engagement. A greater user engagement will in turn increase the social traffic of the company’s website.

When people share the content that you post, it helps spread the message to more potential customers and improve brand awareness. Interested people will follow the posts to the website. There, through the inclusion of call to action buttons, the visitors’ information can be turned into leads.

Content marketing can also help in keeping existing customers in the loop, making them come back for repurchase. Thus, growth via content marketing improves the company’s performance in all sectors.

How is Content Marketing Good for SMB’s?

Content marketing is an inexpensive method of marketing. It can reduce marketing costs by up to 60%. It does not require a lot of human resources either. A small team can achieve the goals. Essentially, an SMB would have to look at a content heavy strategy to achieve desired results. As more quality content is floated, it reflects in a bigger brand awareness.

With good content, the brand recall also increases, which helps in converting potential customers to leads. This is good for sales as more and more people know about the brand and are interested in what it has to offer.

on-site and off-site content marketing

Another important factor for SMBs to consider is the fact that content marketing can even be done in-house, which is a big plus point for small businesses as hiring an external agency is costly. The results derived from these methods are purely organic. And, as noticed, is a way to get genuine visitors who are interested in the brand. The more genuine readers a brand gets, the better it is for spiking brand conversations. This boosts the brand image further.

Being connected with the customers is also important to build brand trust and loyalty. Another thing to note here is that great content pulls a huge number of follower on social media. As opposed to other ways of buying likes or followers, this is a way more cost effective way.

This method of marketing puts the target audience before the company, increasing their trust and loyalty. The next step for a brand is to start engaging with this community by sending them personalised emails and replying to their social posts.

Responding to their opinions is a great way to improve customer experience. As the content is shareable, if someone likes the content, they can share it and spread the word. This helps with overall brand publicity.


Content Marketing is the marketing of future, which has a lot of benefits when used aptly, like increased brand awareness, greater brand engagement, and outreach. It is an inexpensive and more efficient system that provides value-driven results.

Hence, it is suitable for SMB’s to adopt and compete with bigger competitors without indulging in big-pocketed marketing budgets. It helps them quickly reach out to and engage with people on social media, creating a fast-paced interactive community that helps in building the image and perception of the brand.

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