True Balance Achieves 50 Million+ Downloads On Google Playstore with #ARM’s ASO strategies

  Pioneering solutions for everything finance, True Balance is building the next-generation financial platform for the underserved. Whether it's applying for a short-term loan or paying your monthly Wi-Fi bill, the solution is at your fingertips. With benefits like cost and time reduction, along with the unarguable convenience, these apps are now a necessity.


India is one of the fastest-growing fintech markets in the world, with more than 6,636 fintech startups in 2021. The worldwide downloads of fintech apps surpassed 6.1 billion in 2021 showing the abundance of competition, and it only grows by the day.  A good app rating & ranking is essential to stand out, and it was a challenge for True Balance to stand out in the market and acquire a high ranking and achieve a benchmark of daily average rating of 200+ to surpass the competition.


True Balance desired to improve their organic app downloads and to bridge the gap between objectives and results, they joined hands with #ARM Worldwide. We being the digital transformation partner of True Balance broke down the given objective into 2 goals-
  • Getting the edge over the competing apps and enhancing the True Balance app’s organic discoverability.
  • Increasing the off-site traffic to further expand the reach.


Regardless of the challenges, the steadfast SEO team of #ARM Worldwide tackled them with extensive planning and research. True Balance were provided with exemplary digital marketing solutions in the form of App Store Optimization (ASO) and On & Off-Page SEO to get the upper hand over the competition. 
  • The #ARM Worldwide team, through its ASO service, assisted True Balance in creating a robust brand image and improving the app’s visibility on the Google Playstore by targeting the keywords that had the most potential. By conducting play store audits on regular intervals, the #ARM Worldwide team kept track of the performance and the app’s ranking.
  • On the basis of in-depth competitor analysis, an extensive list of keywords was chosen to understand what content is currently ranking and which keywords customers are using when they are searching for such a service. 
  • The #ARM Worldwide SEO team utilised a combination of short-tailed and long-tailed keywords to maximise the searchability on SERP. The keywords were picked through a meticulous process of researching the common industry phrases and analysing metrics like their search volume and keywords ranking with the help of SEO tools - Semrush, ahrefs, MOZ etc.
  • Utilising the best of Off-page expertise of the SEO team, multiple backlinks were created on the websites, receiving quality traffic and having DA. Also, several guest posts and third-party articles were published by the #ARM Worldwide on various reliable industry-specific websites to drive quality traffic and attention towards True Balance. 
  • On identifying that there were occasional “Application not responding” errors for the app that could be a hindrance in the user experience & in the user rating, the team provided detailed suggestions and helped resolve the ANR issues.


Through extensive research and plan execution, the #ARM Worldwide team was able to achieve all the targets.
  • The app now had an all-time high of 50 Million total app downloads, from January 2021 till date.
  • The ratings saw a hike from 3.6/5.0 to 4.4/5.0 on the playstore.
  • The number of retainers saw a threefold increase from 1 Lakh to 3 Lakhs.
  • The team was also able to achieve top rank for 19 keywords and retained a top 10 rank for 38 keywords.


ASO – Getting to the fingertips of every user. Over the past few years, we have seen apps in the ecosystem that True Balance belongs to transition from a facilitator to a necessity due to their unparalleled utility and benefits. With more and more alternatives popping up, having just a functional app is not enough. It needs to be optimised to attract and retain users. Tasks like app management and updates, A/B test, conducting app audits require a professional team to be executed efficiently and effectively.  #ARM Worldwide is your one-stop solution to everything SEO, with a team of experts equipped to provide your business top-of-the-line digital solutions.

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