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Social Media today has turned into a dynamic landscape, with user appeal and behaviour resulting in constantly-evolving features of social channels. For marketers searching for fresh, inventive methods to connect with their target audience, this constant change creates the scope for fantastic opportunities. Utilising social media trends will not only make you stand out and expand the market but also help boost user interaction and your company’s visibility. Let’s look at the latest social media trends that will be prominent in 2023.

Rise of Nano Influencers & UGC

Working with nano-influencers has already proven successful for many well-known firms, and in 2023, this trend will reach new heights. 90% of effective influencer marketing efforts use nano-influencers as they connect your brand with niche audiences and give you direct access to your target market.

Nano-influencers’ credibility is stronger than that of bloggers who are paid to promote a product, considering their feeds do not contain many advertisements. Therefore, UGC is another successful component of content strategy. It demonstrates that your product is well-liked and in demand in the market.

Boom in Social Audio

The significance of audio in social media is rapidly evolving as more social media platforms shift toward active interaction with customers via dialogues. Therefore, in 2023, businesses should develop a plan that makes the most of social audio. For instance, they can have channel-specific strategies wherein users are more inclined to view with ‘sound-on’ mode.

Live audio interactions will enable people to be their most authentic selves by promoting better empathy and accessibility. In addition, marketers can leverage audio for a Tête-à-Tête on topics relevant to their brand. These discussions will be the newest form of UGC with free-flowing conversation as the attendees will provide all the content.

Digitisation, along with the rising integration of social commerce platforms and AI-enabled chatbots that help predict customer behaviour and optimise UX, is trending in the market today. 

Expansion of Social Commerce

Digitisation, along with the rising integration of social commerce platforms and AI-enabled chatbots that help predict customer behaviour and optimise UX, is trending in the market today. In 2022 sales via social media platforms are estimated to add up to $992 billion. Moreover, its popularity shows no signs of dying down and is further anticipated to reach nearly $3 trillion by 2026. 

Marketers can tailor content to the audience and automate marketing communication. Smart CRM tools also help move prospects along the funnel seamlessly and manage all customer data in a single source of truth. Consider both existing and potential customers. Ensure that you reach them across all touchpoints and channels they use. Identify effective ways of engaging – through live videos, custom graphics, or UGC.

Gaming is the New Playground

With social media platforms being the ‘tried and true advertising channels, 2023 will bring a wealth of exciting new prospects for brands and enterprises in the gaming industry. To narrow the gap between virtual reality and real life, gaming can be leveraged as a means of community engagement. Marketers can empower streaming platforms to increase social interaction.

Gamers are constantly in pursuit of new content to check out, preferably in real-time. Therefore, smart marketers will focus on hyping up live events such as announcements and competitions. As a result, the gaming business is predicted to be worth over $200.8 billion by 2023. As a result, a lot of IT companies and brands are increasing their investment in the sector.

Creation of the Human Touch

Brands will continue to recognise the value of having a social media presence, but in 2023, we’ll finally see them adopt a more personal approach to the channel. Businesses will start to prioritise content that features ‘real’ users rather than models to capitalise on the possibilities of peer-to-peer communication and feed the desire for authenticity.

91% of customers are more likely to purchase or shop with brands that provide personalised offers and recommendations. Therefore, distributing relevant content will have a much higher success rate. Brands will adopt more conversational tones by showcasing more of the ‘inner workings and behind the scenes.’ To become more responsive and interactive, they will drop the polished sheen.

Final Thoughts

Given the importance of social media in today’s society, marketers swarm to social media sites to connect with their target demographic. On the other hand, social media is overrun with content, and the competition is expanding rapidly. Without a well-thought-out social media strategy, it may be difficult to stand out. Maintaining awareness of these newest social media trends will strengthen your plan and help you stand out from the competition. Your company could achieve new digital heights in 2023! So, stay up to date on these most recent advances and use them in your social media campaigns.

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