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Beyond everything, the overall outcome of your E-commerce marketing efforts depends on the tools, technologies, and processes utilised to produce transaction results. There are numerous possibilities for businesses to meticulously market offerings online to reach their target audience.

We will focus on everything E-tailers need to know to improve their conversions in 2022 and beyond.

Evolving Consumerism

Technology is shifting the power from brands to customers who are well-informed and have more options based on current online buying trends and a growing online customer base worldwide. From various online shopping portals to established social network sites to virtual shopping wallets to scannable print ads, brands can engage with customers in new-age digital methods.

Consumer-facing brands must develop strategies to suit changing consumer preferences, including new formats or payment methods. Customers want the purchasing process to take as little time as possible, and transforming E-commerce is the driving force behind all the UX enhancement. 

Staying Top-of-Mind

To attract leads, get referrals and retain loyal customers, businesses need to build awareness and rank top of mind. They need to be the most remembered or risk losing to the competition. As more customers increase the time they spend on social platforms, it makes sense for brands to expand their reach. Use hashtags, social commerce, and performance marketing to expand visibility. 

Digital advertising creates highly targeted, highly efficient campaigns. Isolate consumers who are most likely to convert, remarket the same audience, maximising digital ROI and preventing ad dollars from going toward people who aren’t expected to buy. By investing in SEO services, your target audience finds you and slips into your E-commerce funnel before they’ve even heard of your competitors. It gives a huge chance to establish thought-leadership.

Driving E-commerce Trends

Keeping up with the latest technology and implementing new processes and tools into your organisation is critical to staying ahead of the competition. AI has been integrated into all primary digital marketing methods, including SEO and SEM, to make the results more rewarding for firms.

Myntra’s M-Live is its first step into the world of live commerce. M-Live is an expert-assisted offline interaction that is fully experienced online. This move is “likely to engage 50% of its monthly active users” over the next few years, while currently, it engages about 20% of them.  If your brand is committed to environmental sustainability and supports social concerns, take a step forward and include it in your marketing. You are bound to get the social support your brand needs.

Convincing On-The-Fence Prospects

Not all bottom-funnel prospects are equally close to your checkout. Some of them might have concerns about your delivery options, whereas others might need a payment reminder. At this stage, knowing where frictions in the buyer’s journey typically occur, businesses can identify possible obstacles to buying and remove them with timely intervention.

One way to reduce pre-sales friction is to identify web visitors attempting to exit the payment gateway and lure them with exclusive limited-time discounts to grab attention and hasten the sale. When businesses figure out the ‘why’ behind user intent, it shifts their attitude to truly wanting to connect the work they do with the value they create for customers. 

Encouraging Social Purchases

By brand positioning as an industry leader and consistently sharing valuable content with your potential customers, the chances that your qualified prospects will make purchases are much higher. Rather than attempting to persuade customers to visit your website, allow them to purchase your things right from their feeds. This option is available on Instagram and Facebook.

To add value, start responding to what people are saying about your brand on social media. By contributing to these conversations, You give value to a prospect’s network and get YOUR name on THEIR radar by participating in these conversations. Newly created sales leads captured on social channels should be tagged in your CRM to track their progress through the entire sales funnel. This will help you attribute costs to social efforts and calculate revenue and results.

New Wave of Elevation

Customers are no longer wholly influenced by what ads say because they also check for reviews, relying on the opinions of others. They prefer to do business with organisations they can trust, which has become a key factor in developing a marketing plan. Furthermore, potential clients are interested in companies that know them and have established personalised interactions to respond to their anticipated needs. Beyond the standard norm, there is a plethora of E-commerce marketing strategies you may use to attract traffic to your online business. Embracing evolution and growing along with it is something that will make you the true new-age marketeer. 

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