Top 5 Movies to Inspire Millennial Marketers



The Millennial generation, born between the year 1980 and 2000, includes people who are considered to be open-minded, self-expressive, liberal and confident. Often called the Generation Y, millennials are passionate about their work and are forming the most substantial portion of the workforce. They are great multi-taskers and are easily inspired too. But, what keeps them going?

Millennials are excelling in every field and sector and are not just motivated by money, but work environment, transparent operations, innovation & ideation, challenges, and growth. Like every other field, millennials in the marketing field should also be motivated and continuously inspired.

Entertainment is just the best way to vent out stress and work pressure, which is why we have listed down five movies to inspire our millennial marketers while also entertain them and give them the much-needed break time.

1. The Social Network

The Social Network is the story of the social media giant, Facebook; its creation, evolution, and journey to becoming the platform it is today. The movie tells you about the success story of Facebook, the thought process of its founders, their steps to building and developing it and the thick and thin it went through, while on its road to success. It teaches the lesson that one cannot achieve success without overcoming the obstacles that come along your way.

2. Steve Jobs

The movie, as the name says, is the biography of Steve Jobs, the visionary, the biggest product designer and marketer of our generation. We all know that he is the man behind the technology giant, Apple, but do we know about him as a person? Well, this movie tells you about his hardhearted treatment of his employees, his indifference towards his loved ones and his employee micromanagement. Despite all this, the film leaves you with sympathy for him.

3. The Founder

The Founder is the story of the maker of the largest food chain in the world, McDonald’s. Ray Kroc, a 52-year old milkshake machine salesman, builds the world’s most efficient food empire. The story also tells you about his broken morals and conspiracy methods, leaving you with the thought of learning to differentiate between doing whatever you can to achieve your goals and doing what is morally correct.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness

The movie revolves around the story of Chris Gardner, an unpaid intern struggling to raise his 5-year old son on his own. Throughout the film, you will experience emotional highs and lows, owing to the ups and downs of his homeless life, despite which his ambition, determination and his undying love for his son, drives him to success. This movie teaches all the millennials not to forget their loved ones in their pursuit of achieving their dreams, because their love and support is essential, no matter what.

5. The Joneses

The story of The Joneses revolves around a family – a perfect family of charming and good-looking people, who have just the perfect life. The best part is that all of this is fake. They are a bunch of salespersons by profession who influence the community and promote their products to them. This movie is just the best inspiration for millennial marketers willing to pursue influencer marketing.

These movies are a must watch for every millennial marketer as they serve as the best guides and are a collection of inspirational stories to motivate the millennials through every aspect of life.

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