Foreseeable Trends in the Social Media Industry for This Year



This new year is the most anticipated, as the digital landscape of the various social media platforms changes in leaps and bounds, with a hint of a surprise for its targeted audience.
In 2018, varied social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat are turning towards immense advancement while trying to break through the clutter, and take creative chances to lure its target audience to take over the market with their social offerings in the digital arena.


Ephemeral Content raised with the rising familiarity of Snapchat which has 100 million daily active users with 10 million of daily video views. Facebook, Instagram, and other respective platforms have also started following the trend by Introducing stories to attract more user base. In 2018, social media platforms are likely to introduce new ways to make their content stand out. It is short- lived but authentic, personal and audience tends to develop a fear of missing out which provokes further curiosity.


Influencer Market is pretty much ever present. To promote their engagement and make a reputation in the market, social media platforms need to link themselves with various influencers. Brands will get selective with their influencers as the market competition increases. Influencers help bring about 10x rise in the conversation rate.
This was trending in 2017 and will further dominate the market as we step into the new year.


Both Snapchat and Facebook are looking for ways and opportunities to foster the use of Augmented Reality. It is fast and engaging at the same time. Snapchat has got into the trail earlier by adding AR filter in selfie mode and Instagram followed the trend by adding these to its Story feature. The launch of AR Studios also reflects how Facebook is highly interested in introducing AR experiences by adding it into their Facebook and Messenger apps. All social media channels are trying to integrate AR into their respective networks which will make it the new ordinary in 2018.  


As the competition in the market increases, connecting with one’s audience earns more significance. Chatbots will continue to proliferate as platforms seek direct and more personalized interactions with their customers. Maintaining business via personal and meaningful communication still rules the social world. Moreover, In 2018, 30% of our chat conversations will happen via chatbots. Many Facebook pages already have numerous messenger bots tied to it. We are eager to see how various platforms use Chatbots to get closer to their user base.


With the launch of Facebook Live, Twitter’s live streaming app called Periscope, Tumblr and Snapchats’s live streaming, one can predict the expansion of this feature in the market. Live event videos help in increasing a brands favorability by 63%. Thus, live streaming helps capture the attention of followers and brands have more likely come to this realization.

Video content which has been omnipresent will really take over in 2018 in both organic and paid social. A Facebook video receives, on an average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo. However, YouTube still leads when we talk about video content.

These are some of the social media trends we encountered. The new year will certainly come along with a lot of surprising trends to follow on social media and a lot of competition amongst the brands can easily be predicted ahead in times.

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