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India has started one of the biggest vaccine drives around the world considering its large population, now we certainly have some common questions in mind about the vaccination process and the vaccines. We have heard rumours and a lot of information has been flowing in. But we need to only focus on the facts and the most important thing, GET VACCINATED! 


“I’ll look for you, I’ll find you and I will vaccinate you.”

Yes, one thing is very clear that we need vaccines. There is no doubt or question about the need to get vaccinated. Now the doubts about the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccine are what has been making people hesitant about it. So before that, quick FYI, The dictionary meanings of these terms are different from the way they are used in scientific discourse. 

Yes, efficacy and effectiveness are different terms here.

Efficacy – the ability of something like a drug or a medical treatment to bring about the results that are wanted.

Effectiveness – how well a particular treatment or drug works when people are using it, as opposed to how well it works under carefully controlled scientific testing conditions

COVISHIELD AstraZeneca-Oxford University vaccine with Serum Institute of India (SII) 2(6 to 8 weeks apart) 71% Free in Govt. hospitals.Private – Rs.250 per dose Non-replicating viral vector
COVAXIN Bharat Biotech with Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). 2(4 weeks apart) 81% Free in Govt. hospitals.Private – Rs.250 per dose Inactive virus vaccine
SPUTNIK V Russia’s Gamelya Centerwith Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories in India 2(21 days apart) 91% Rs 995 per dose Cold-type virus

There are some dissimilarities and benefits that peg the vaccines apart, but they work with the same objective in mind: to protect you from COVID-19. Covishield or the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab remains to be the popular choice, used in maximum countries. Covaxin, on the other hand, is now considered one of the most effective and tolerant vaccines against mutant strains.

But, do the differences make one better than the other?

Now all of this might be a little too much sci-fi for us to understand but the most basic way all the vaccines work is – after being vaccinated, the body starts to produce antibodies especially tailored to the coronavirus.

This means that the immune system is primed to fight coronavirus when it encounters it for real.

Your immune system after the vaccine – Grooooott!

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