2022 Trends Digest


With more and more brands targeting the consumers online, digital continues to be deeply implanted in the communications strategy of brands. As a result, businesses today must not only plan for the future of their marketing efforts but also be prepared to take advantage of them. So it’s that time…

With more and more brands targeting the consumers online, digital continues to be deeply implanted in the communications strategy of brands. As a result, businesses today must not only plan for the future of their marketing efforts but also be prepared to take advantage of them. So it’s that time again when we all collectively look at the digital trends and opportunities for 2022.  Let’s revisit some of the must-have trends in your arsenal for this year: 

Social Media Trends

According to Sprout Social, 71% of people are using social media now more than ever before. As a result, brands that meet or exceed their audience’s expectations on social media will be rewarded with massive spikes in engagement. 
  • Into the Metaverse with Augmented Reality
  • Power of Hyper-Personalisation
  • Whatever you say, say only in Video
  • If it’s Organic, it has to be Local
  • Valued Niche Social Experience
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Paid Media Trends

With paid media offering instant traffic and results compared to other forms of digital and traditional marketing, digital advertising is essential for every business. Whether you’re selling a product or offering services, paid media can benefit every business if used correctly.
  • Move Towards Effectiveness in Planning Models
  • Coming Soon ‘Cookieless’ Existence
  • The Rise of AI and ML
  • Gaming Platforms will Reign Display & Discovery
  • Digital Eyes Everywhere
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PR Trends

As a business, your role is to steer your customers in the right direction — both with your PR strategy and your holistic approach to marketing recommendations. To do that, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of PR and learn what’s out-of-date, what’s upcoming, and what’s hot right now. 
  • Personal Branding: #1 PR Strategy
  • Quantifying Metrics for PR Performance 
  • Exclusive Media Pitching
  • Representing DE&I
  • Culturally-Relevant PR Content
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UI/UX Trends

As the world moves markets online, UI/UX design has become more important than ever. In addition, as new technologies arise, there is potential for UI/UX to become much more innovative in 2022 than in the last couple of years.
  • Hello ScrollyTelling
  • Contactless Search: Voice User Interface
  • Configuring Mega-Footers
  • Brutalism vs Minimalism
  • Inclusive Design For All
  • SPECIAL: Into The Metaverse
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Influencer Marketing Trends

Beyond their role as effective brand ambassadors, influencers are also great marketers. And business marketers can stand to learn a few things from them. So stay on top of these top influencer trends to ensure you’re getting the most out of your partnerships.
  • Rise of Social Commerce
  • Power of Micro-Influencers
  • Inclusivity Matters
  • Think System, Not Silos
  • Always-on Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Automation Trends

2022 will be all about creating engaging, unique experiences that add value to the evolved, to make user engagement feel super-connected, always-online consumer, and Marketing Automation will act as a catalyst in making it all happen.
  • Customer Retention will be Critical
  • A Mobile-first Approach
  • Optimise Content for Funnelling
  • Embracing Conversational Marketing
  • Emergence of AI & ML
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SEO Trends

Optimising your site will improve the CX and help deliver better leads to search engines so your content can be properly indexed and exhibited within search results. SEO is about visibility and enhancing your chances of being found on the internet, and it makes sense to incorporate it into your all-around digital marketing strategy.
  • User Intent Goes Deeper
  • Semantic SEO Increasing Relevance
  • The Popularity of Voice Search
  • Growing Importance of E-A-T
  • AI for Greater Impact
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E-commerce Trends

All this buzz around E-commerce has inspired well-known retailers to up their digital game. It’s a thrilling time to be involved in online retail sales, but successfully competing in 2022 will require you to adapt and integrate some of these E-commerce trends.
  • Rise of “M-commerce”
  • Buyer Journey Optimisation
  • Headless PWA E-commerce
  • Demand for Voice & Live Shopping
  • B2B E-commerce is Next Up
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Social Commerce Trends

Social commerce has transformed into a powerful sales channel. Boosting your social commerce capabilities will offer your brand a myriad of business benefits. From driving traffic to increasing sales to increasing customer engagement and website traffic.
  • Future of Commerce: Conversation
  • Leveraging UGC x Micro-influencers 
  • Livestream Shopping will Dominate 
  • Specialist Social Marketplaces
  • Designing Frictionless Experiences
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Tech Trends

As technology branches out into new areas, the companies that have embraced new tech will have an online advantage. Advanced tech capabilities indicate new markets and also introduce new methods that could give you a potential lead over your online competition.
  • Prioritising Decision Intelligence
  • Hyperscaling your Cloud Journey
  • Adopting a Total Experience (TX) Strategy
  • When AI meets IoT
  • Need for Cyber Resilience
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Here’s to 2022!

It’s not just about creating a big splash or sharing attention-grabbing content anymore; it’s about the overall upliftment of consumers and the business together. In a world that is still flustered with the ongoing pandemic chaos, it’s time to batten down the hatches and learn about the trends for 2022 to get ahead of the game. Take a look at the trends above and read more into them to get a complete perspective of how you could make things better for your business!

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