Google's New Logo: A Typography Check on Its History



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“Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.” Google stated it by unveiling their new logo which meant to reflect above lines. Believing to be updated with the modern style of working and needs, Google has also tried to make its look trendier.

From being static to only desktop browser Google has now walked along to be in the race with Digital world. The main theme of this change is to be part of huge collection of sites, apps, and services that you visit on PCs, Chromebooks, smartphones, and anywhere you can find a web browser.

Since 17 years, it had followed the tradition of putting same colours with changes either in its typography or putting shadow effects making the text bold or light. But this time Google has introduced a new logo and brought more reality to it through animation that wipes away the old logo and draws in the new one. The wordmark has been evolving since 1998 but this new one is the most creative and best from all. Though it has used same colour theme but the feel and style is different. With bidding adieu to “g” and signing in to “G” on browser tabs enclosed within Google colours makes it more appealing.

The story of Typography

According to an interview, back in 2014 Ruth Kedar, the graphic designer who developed the logo there were a lot of different colour iterations. He said that we ended up with the primary colour, but instead of having the pattern go in order, we put a secondary colour on the L, which brought back the idea that Google doesn’t follow the rules of being primary.

With its first logo in the year 1998 Google has used a serif word-mark (serifs are the filigree on the ends of traditional print typefaces like Times New Roman). With passing years the company has played not much with the typography but involved letter spacing and removing drop shadow. But the latest buzz about the 2015 logo is not about its typography but landing first time in the animation world. Though it has used the typeface geometric san-serif from serif that was in the last millennium.


Google love to play with colours, but during its reign it has also used logo without colours on a local homepage in recognition with the tragedy of several days. The favourite from its different style was Google Doodle which believed in new innovations. The first Google Doodle was in honour of the Burning Man Festival in the year 1998. Since then it has followed a trend to create new with every occasion.

With this new logo we believe the Doodle also gets more interesting and innovating. We look forward to see more beautiful creations and ideation under the supervision of CEO, Sundar Pichai.

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