5 Growth Experts Every Marketer Should Follow



Growth is a passive and endless function.

It is a positive development in size or maturation over the course of time.

Whether it’s a buyer or business everybody craves for it.

Organization hires a team of growth hackers whose sole aim is to search for marketing medium who would pinpoint the final practical, efficient approach to growing a business.

Growth hacking’s focal point is to employ low-cost alternatives e.g. social media , targeted advertising rather than doing outbound marketing e.g. buying advertisements, through mediocre media such as radio, newspaper and television.

Following are the names of some of the respected growth experts who are well versed with the syllabus of taking a business to whole new level.

5 Growth Hacking Experts to Follow

1. Brian Balfour: founder and CEO, Reforge

  • He believes in the theory Startups=Growth.
  • He is a skilled growth hacker as he was the co-founder of startups like Viximo and Boundless learning.
  • CEO of a begetter growth programs called Reforge.
  • You can pursue his teachings on Coelevate and Reforge Blog.

2. Andrew Chen: Head of Rider Growth, Uber

  • Andrew got into the limelight after the increasing brand growth of Uber in 2009.
  • Dating app and pet themed product making companies alike Tinder, Barkbox owes their success to Growth hackers like Andrew Chen.

3. Sean Ellis: CEO Growth Experts

  • He has been a growth hacker even before the word was coined.
  • He has been an “interim growth executive” for companies like Eventbrite, Dropbox.
  • Former founder and CEO of marketing software company Qualroo.
  • The “Startup Pyramid” shares Sean’s tips and tricks on how to grow.

4. Noah Kagan: Chief sumo, sumo group

  • From Facebook to mint, Kagan has backed the launching and marketing of several products and services.
  • OKDORK is kagan’s gift to companies who are exploring new strategies for marketing, business introspections.

5. Sujan Patel: Co-Founder, Web Profits

  • Co-founder of Mailshake and Link texting.
  • Founder of Single Grain and Narrow.
  • He is also known for his regular additions in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Inc 100 and Entrepreneur.com.
  • Sujan’s book “100 days of Growth sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide.

Never settle

growing something like this from scratch might look to be an appalling task that’s rewarding accomplished by a minority.

But as these experts have shown, it can be done and they’re more than willing to share their knowledge.

Plus, there are a plethora of quality resources to help you master your growth, from blogs to HubSpot’s growth stack.

As a next step, start to formulate a gradual plan, with manageable actions and benchmarks.

And fear not — as this list shows, there’s always someone out there who will be willing to help.

We saw the accomplishments of these experts and how your business could be benefitted from it.

which growth experts would you add to your list?

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