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As the number of digital video viewers is expected to reach 3.48 billion in 2023, marketers embrace video content as a reliable promotional tool. It is critical in today’s oversaturated, competitive, and ever-evolving marketing environment to have a diverse video content strategy in place. For your video content to thrive, you must learn to take calculated risks. Read on to gain insights into the future of video marketing and actionable practices to guide you on how to get started:

Rise of Video

Videos are not only engaging and visually appealing, but they also allow you to communicate your brand message in a more personal and memorable way. Video-first marketing plays a significant role in interactions as the customer goes through a journey from the consideration to the ‘sold out’ stage, convinced that yours is the product/service they need.

86% of marketers use video as a digital marketing tool. The majority (78%) say videos have directly helped them increase sales, while 86% also say that videos increased website traffic. A reason why video marketing is favoured as a marketing tool is due to its potential to explain everything in a format preferred by the audience — visually. Therefore, tutorial videos are especially popular among end-users.

Video Equals Value

Besides helping your website rank on relevant SERPs, videos make your snippet (or the actual result listing content) more eye-catching, meaning searchers will likely see it before seeing other results on the page. Video aids in lowering bounce rates. People spend over twice as long on a webpage with video than without. Its usefulness and engaging nature correlate with more time spent on your page.

Compelling marketing videos present your products in a conversational form, creating a sense of human approach, which is why 57% of consumers say that videos give them the confidence to purchase online. In addition, 92% of mobile consumers share videos on their social network, making it the most preferred digital format with the highest CTR. This gives a chance to spread brand awareness to a large crowd in less time.

Master Storytelling 

Influential storytelling videos guide viewers through relatable narrative-based visual content that gets to the heart of their pain points, kindles an emotional connection and suggests a satisfying solution. When creating videos, start with a vision of the feeling you want your audience to walk away with and how your story will create the emotional undertone that will make viewers want to follow the CTA.

A content calendar helps keep track of reels/shorts you need to create and distribute over the year. You can repurpose these video ideas to communicate to your audience by addressing their pain points. Video case studies are a powerful marketing tool as they prove to prospects that your business has something valuable to offer. This factor is crucial in nurturing leads and converting them into buyers.

Strategies to Ace Video

Your video marketing strategy is every bit as essential as execution. You can use video to boost qualified leads in your sales pipeline and match ROI. The trick to making your videos count is to build purposefully. The most effective digital marketing strategy to captivate a loyal and involved audience is to impact them where it counts. It never hurts to begin creating that intimate bond and devotion to your brand as soon as possible.

Companies with consistent branding are more successful than those without. Your videos should link to your website or a landing page, with explicit, on-brand creatives and unified messaging across each channel. A/B testing video campaigns should help you figure out what elements are working out and what isn’t. Remember to test and test again to determine the optimal content and timing of your video campaigns.

Opportunities with Video

The world of internet marketing has been dominated by video marketing trends. As a result, marketers can utilise a wide range of videos to build their brand presence. 

  • Facebook Live: It offers consumers an unfiltered, raw look at the content that a company wishes to promote. Additionally, viewers can remark and respond to the video on Facebook Live in real-time.
  • Interview-style Video: By conducting brief, professional interviews with the appropriate workers, you may provide your customers with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the essence of your company.
  • Informative Video with Animation: It includes crucial statistics about a company while showing trendy photographs or brief video clips with amusing graphics and humorous transitions.

Go Pro with Video

Without diving too deep into theory, the best way to define the purpose of your video marketing is to determine its standing in the marketing funnel. A data-led approach will help you iterate swiftly, double down on what’s working, and steer away from what isn’t. Whether organic or paid digital marketing services, the opportunities are endless if you take the right approach. Video is a powerful platform giving you a tremendous opportunity to impact your audience and drive business results.

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