Improve Customer Experience with Growth-Driven Design for Finance Marketing



The digital landscape is changing daily and to meet the standards of the current times and provide an enhanced experience to their users, financial marketers need to keep abreast with the latest technological trends. Are you still marketing your products through those age-old marketing techniques? Is your website still the same dull, boring collection of textual information showcased on screens with a white background?

Well, if your answer is Yes, then what you need is a website re-design. While you might be wondering that website redesign means staying offline for months and not being able to cater to your digital customers owing to an inactive website. The solution to your problem is in the form this a new website redesign process known as the Growth-Driven Design (GDD).

1. What is Growth-Driven Design (GDD)?

Growth-Driven Design is nothing but a website redesign process that helps you revamp your website in stages. This is different compared to the traditional website redesign process, which involves renovating the entire website altogether. Amongst the many demerits of following the conventional method of a website redesign, the biggest and the foremost is that you tend to lose a lot of customers during the redesign period. However, with the growth-driven design, this turns out to be an advantage as you tend to improve customer experience if your follow the growth-driven design approach.

2. How does it work?

The Growth-Driven Design methodology states that you should revamp the most-responsive and high traffic pages of your website first and the rest in the later stages. Therefore, it starts with identifying your traffic generating web pages and reinventing those so that you do not lose on to the valuable customers from those pages. In the later stages of the redesign process, you can move on to pages with lower traffic reach and steadily build your new website. It is a very strategic and organised approach to redesigning your site and has worked well for all the businesses worldwide.

3. How can it improve customer experience?

The ideology behind following the GDD approach is to enhance the end users experience. With the GDD approach, your website is updated at least once a week to continuously improve website performance for making it appealing for the visitors. Additionally, it focuses on creating better experiences for the target audience by analysing their usage, page views, etc., to ensure enhanced experiences for the users.

The Growth-Driven Design methodology is a structured process and works on revamping the website by keeping in mind the user data. It is true that every brand or business is working to keep their customers happy and the GDD method is just helping you accomplish your customer satisfaction goals. The GDD process starts with reviewing and analysing customer data to evaluate their tastes, preferences, website usage journey, their problems and many other factors, which are considered and kept in mind before formulating the redesign strategy. This means that the GDD process is entirely customer-oriented and aims to improve user experience by analysing consumer behaviour.

4. Other Benefits

The Growth-Driven Design methodology not only improves customer experience but, it offers many other benefits which are:

It helps you launch your website within 4-8 weeks as compared to the traditional method that can take months. Additionally, you can keep updating your website as and when required and keep improving your users’ experiences.

The GDD method also helps to increase conversion rates owing to the scope that it offers to continuously change and update your website to attract higher quality leads and convert them into customers by creating improved user experiences.

The GDD method builds for your business, a highly responsive and dynamic website, which gives you opportunities to modify your landing pages and CTAs according to your marketing campaigns. It helps you experiment with different ways to create a faster, smarter and efficient website to boost user engagement and in turn, increase website traffic.

The GDD approach also helps increase ROI. When your website is customer-centric, provides for improved user experiences, diverts your efforts towards a targeted audience, you can generate quality leads. It thereby leads to more sales conversion rates leading to overall business growth and increased ROI.

A Growth-Driven Design website can benefit your business tremendously owing to the quick and easy launch in comparison to the traditional design method. It also helps in better website optimisation by focusing on continuous website improvement according to user feedback to provide higher value and enriched website experiences.

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