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The 4-day INBOUND 2020 came to a close on September 7th, with a whole host of informative and productive sessions that provided attendees with excellent insights into the world of marketing and how it’s evolving with the changing times. With around 21,000 people attending this landmark marketing event, these professionals were witness to some of the monumental marketing developments that would shape this landscape for the years to come.

The advent of the “marketing flywheel”

The “marketing funnel” is an age-old concept that pretty much any sales and marketing expert would be familiar with, a process meant to tailor business prospects and provide them with a personalised journey to become a customer. However, one of the major drawbacks of this method was that it didn’t place due importance on retaining customers.

In a bid to change this, Brian Halligan – the co-founder of HubSpot – proclaimed that the age of the “marketing funnel” was over. In a bid to provide customers with the treatment they want, Halligan introduced the concept of the “marketing flywheel.” It placed customers at the centre of the marketing process to provide them with the importance they deserve, ultimately turning these people into advocates for their brand.

The prominence of personalised video content

As the attention span of people decreases over time, more and more brands are moving towards video content to capture the attention of their audience and improve engagement. Thus, the focus on professional video content has increased by a considerable margin.

However, as marketing continues to evolve, customers prefer a more “personal” touch when it comes to their content. After all, a major aspect of HubSpot’s marketing approach is to adopt a more humanised approach to make customers feel like they’re interacting with actual people, not faceless conglomerates – after all, there’s a reason why livestreams have become so prominent.

This raw video content is exactly what brands should focus on. With the announcement of HubSpot Video, brands can create videos on-the-fly from a laptop or phone with ease. From follow-ups to prospect engagement – everything can be carried out with engaging video content that will help build a personal relationship with your customers.

New developments in the HubSpot Growth Suite

One of the most significant talking points of INBOUND 2018 was the announcement of several improvements in the HubSpot Growth Suite, providing its customers with a vast suite of features to augment their overall experience.

The new product offerings by HubSpot meant that its customers could stay on the platform from start to end, without having to go through the additional headache of having to switch over to different marketing platforms. It allows its customers to create an extensive database by incorporating and uploading all their optimum marketing offerings with little to no problems.

An increasing focus on conversational marketing

By this point, almost everyone must’ve already had some experience with chatbots. More and more brands are increasingly utilising chatbots and various other forms of conversational marketing to drive engagement with prospects and develop meaningful relations with customers.

Now, INBOUND 2018 revealed another product by the HubSpot in the form of an innovative chatbot that provides users with endless functionality. Brands can map out their leads, customise responses, and offer a tailor-made experience that encompasses everything involved in conversational marketing to a T, and then some.

INBOUND 2020 was an enlightening event for marketing professionals that provided many valuable insights regarding the marketing landscape of the near future. After this event ended, most marketing professionals only had one thing on their mind – what innovative measures will INBOUND 2021 bring to the table?

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