Why SMEs and Startups should Opt for Inbound Marketing



Inbound marketing, as the marketers of tomorrow should already know, is directing your marketing efforts to attract your target audience by providing them with informative content to add value at every stage of their buying journey.

It is the opposite of traditional marketing or outbound marketing which involves marketing to the masses irrespective of the fact that they are interested in your offering. It includes activities such as cold calling, trade shows, seminars, etc., and is costlier than inbound marketing along with comparatively lower returns on investment.

Hence, inbound marketing. It is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content and aims to compel potential customers to find you through channels like a search engine, blogs, and social media. It is a type of marketing that follows a targeted approach to reaching out to your ideal prospects only, generating qualified leads and converting them into customers.

Since it is a new concept and not many marketers are aware of this marketing technique, outsourcing your inbound marketing services to an inbound marketing agency in India is the best way to implement this technique. Foresighted marketers know that taking the inbound path is the key to success for all their marketing efforts.

Practising inbound as a marketing strategy offers benefits much more than a marketer would know. The most prominent being its cost-effectiveness and the ability to generate higher returns with lower costs involved. With inbound marketing, your efforts are directed only to your target audience resulting in a quality lead generation and a higher percentage of lead conversion into customers.

Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are not backed by substantial financial resources, and therefore, it is crucial for them to save on to the resources as much as possible and focus on higher ROI and minimal costs. Inbound marketing solves this purpose in the most efficient way as it helps manage funds by reducing the allocation towards the marketing function and saving it for other activities while also generating more leads and converting them into customers.

The inbound methodology follows a very strategic approach towards converting unknown site visitors into customers and later, brand promoters. It starts with the stage where inbound marketers focus on attracting visitors to the website by creating appealing website pages and informative blogs. Once the reader is convinced with your content and is tempted to deal with you, the next stage is to convert these visitors into potential customers, for which every web page or blog should be accompanied by an intriguing Call-To-Action (CTA). By clicking on a CTA, visitors show their will to become your customers.

Additionally, every CTA should result in a landing page which should be compelling enough to persuade the visitor to sign up for your services by filling in the application form displayed on the landing page. Once the prospect fills in the application form, they are now your potential customers, and the next step is to nurture them throughout their buying journey to convert them into customers.

However, the inbound process does not end with a visitor becoming a customer and extends much beyond that. This stage of the inbound strategy is called as delight, wherein existing customers are nurtured with valuable content pieces like newsletters, informative emails, etc., to grow them to become brand promoters and patronages.

Startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are organisations that are indeed not very established and are not backed by ample amount of funds and resources. Therefore, they need to be smart enough with their marketing efforts and should aim towards minimising costs and yielding higher returns for which they should deploy inbound marketing services.

HubSpot is one such marketing software that helps marketers strategically practice inbound marketing. The basic software is available free of cost, and you can upgrade your package to suit your marketing plans and requirements. Conversely, you can hire an inbound marketing agency to help you achieve your inbound goals.

To put it simply, inbound marketing is a must-do marketing technique for every startup and SME with benefits that can help you achieve your profit goals by increasing sales and driving revenue.

Achieve business goals through pragmatic inbound marketing plans customized to your requirements.

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