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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning were terms unheard of until recent past. But with swift development of technology, AI and machine learning have changed the face of marketing. Many marketers who were earlier apprehensive about using such futuristic technology, have adopted it and it has given a fresh perspective to their marketing strategy.

Machine learning has made it possible to automate repetitive marketing functions and make it predictive. Machine learning has made an impact in mobile app marketing also, and has enabled it to perform actions based on user’s needs, without any explicit instructions.

Here are a few ways through which machine learning has made mobile app marketing more futuristic, and customer-centric, and how you can you incorporate it in your app :

  • Customizing the App and Making the User Feel Special

One of the main advantages of incorporating machine learning in your app is that it customizes the app for each user and enhances his experience by many times. For instance, in Facebook, you have “People You Might Know” feature or “Recommendations” in Youtube.

This individual approach has many advantages :

  • It helps the users to get the most relevant and alluring content according to their interests.
  • Your users will feel like your app is really communicating with them.
  • Posting a targeted advertisement, which is also a part of customization, have high chances of resulting into sales.
  • Makes Searching Faster and Easier

In today’s customer-driven age, the main goal of a performance marketer is to drive as much sales as possible by fulfilling the user’s needs and providing solutions to their problems. Machine learning has made apps smart enough to collect all available customer data, such as click – through and sell-through rates, user’s search history and other typical actions. It helps you to provide information to the customers for what exactly they were searching, without them doing much effort.

Machine learning is a diverse concept, which uses a wide variety of tools to provide your clients with the most relevant information. It enables it to incorporate ranking, spelling correction, voice searches, suggestions, a list of related results, and so on. It makes the search process for your users more intuitive and less troublesome.

  • Machine Learning Enables E-Commerce Apps To Skyrocket Their Sales

Probably the most important innovation in the sphere of online marketing has been e-commerce marketing. The rapid pace at which the e-commerce industry is growing worldwide is the proof that how popular it has become.

E-commerce apps are the ones that can benefit the most from incorporating machine learning. People download apps in order to make their shopping process more faster and easier. If you incorporate machine learning in your app, it will enable you to increase your base of target audience by providing a solution to their problems and making shopping for them easier.

You will definitely get a positive response from your customers by incorporating machine learning into your app. According to a latest research, every second user of the global internet (53% in general) have bought something online, including 62% of smartphone owners.

Machine learning helps you to get more customers to your e-commerce app in the following ways :

  • Recommendations, selected according to your user’s purchase patterns, searching requests and the site contents.
  • Predictions about the future trends, sales and prices, based on open sources (like blogs, social media, news articles, etc.)
  • Optimization of your searching process.
  • Enables to Mine Big Data

Mining big data allows you to find find non – obvious connections between huge sets of information, get useful statistics and find out behavioural patterns of your users. For example, it may be very useful for food delivery app development.

By analyzing different kinds of data, such as age gender ,location, search requests, the app usage frequency, etc., you will be able to get more precise information about your user’s preferences and typical behaviour. It will allow you to curate content for people of different age groups, and hence keep them engaged.

  • Faster and Protected Authentication Process

In today’s age, where there is free flow of information online between the users and businesses, it is very important for the marketers to ensure that all the confidential information provided by the users is secure.

Machine learning can be used with the latest types of recognition features, such as biometric to pass user information and authentication processes. This can be incredibly useful for all kinds of apps, including e-commerce apps.

Thi technology is widely used by apps such as ZoOm and BioID, which offer an easy way to log into other apps. Now-a-days, people are tired of remembering and typing lengthy passwords. By recording their passwords, or using biometrics, you can make it easier for your users to login, which will entice him to come back to your site again and again.

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