The Evolved Media State Amid the Pandemic



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along a substantial amount of restructuring and rethinking of marketing strategies. Let us evaluate how the form of digital media has taken new shapes in the post-covid world and how brands can leverage digital media platforms to fulfil marketing objectives and goals – 

 Media Trends

  • Google Ad Scripts are a great way to control all your Google Ads data using javascript. Scripts can be used to automate common procedures as well as interact with external data. Scripts can even be used to create charts that plot click and conversion percentages in relation to the type of device, days, and hours of the day. This form of analytics is particularly useful keeping in mind the boost in organic search on search engines.
  • Just like Google, even Amazon ads can even be utilized smartly to drive sales activities on online platforms. For example, the e-commerce platform recently announced the availability of product targeting via Sellar Central on Sponsored Display with greater capabilities to reach shoppers browsing similar or complementary product types or categories
  • A report curated by KPMG goes on to estimate that traditional ad-spend pressures will persist, even if investment in marketing reduces as a result of the pandemic. However, this investment will be fruitful as a result of the evolved habits which has lead to a prominent role of digital media in the post-covid world. While most parts of the world are quarantined, we must not forget that the internet and all the digital channels we can use to access it are thriving in these times.

Where’s All The Traffic?

  • SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy and that definitely holds true even now in the evolved state of digital platforms. Adopting proactive rather than reactive SEO practices is a smart move. Doing this will help you understand evolved consumer behaviour and habits which will, in turn, allow you to churn out relevant and engaging content. Relatable and engaging content is the backbone behind any digital marketing strategy – pandemic or no pandemic.
  • Google has brought in a fresh wave of helpful features which are aimed to augment the value of search engines amid the pandemic. These features include a ‘Help and Information Box’, a COVID-19 alert sidebar, along with an informative statistics panel. In a stressing period like this, it is imperative that information is available to help keep everyone safe.
  • As Google has transitioned to a new search console, the search engine has thrown light on relevant data that could be helpful in forming SEO strategies. If users refer to the performance report found in the Search Console dashboard, one can zero in on an array of different insights such as query’s click, impression, and average search ranking data.

Stay Home, Stay Trending 

In order to keep users engaged and intrigued on social media, many brands have come up with quirky campaigns and contests to run on social media. Some of these include – 

  • Stay Home of The Whopper – It goes without saying that dine-in food joints were among those hit the worst when the virus broke out. In the initial phases, most individuals were even apprehensive in terms of getting food delivered to their homes. In a bid to curb these worries, but still, promote safety, fast food giants Burger King launched the Stay Home of The Whopper campaign in order to encourage individuals to stay safe at home and order food instead of stepping out.
  • #HDFCBankSafetyGrid – This was a campaign devised by HDFC bank to reinforce the role of social distancing in curbing the effects of the virus. The bank did this by utilizing the outer grid of HDFC Bank’s logo that stands for ‘Trust’. The bank made physical markers on the ground to ensure that individuals follow the prescribed “social” distance by WHO while queuing up at a store.
  • #HumSabHomeMakers – The lockdown has been a stressful time for many without the support of domestic staff and help, with many of us being accustomed to their services. Godrej’s campaign film encourages people to help at home and divide the load of maintaining a home. It also features its employees and captures a beautiful change via multiple slice of life shots to depict ‘life during lockdown’. Touching, emotional, and emphatic communication leaves a lasting impact on audiences particularly with the widespread sense of anxiety and grief around us.

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