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The COVID-19 pandemic brought along a variety of different obstacles and barriers to us as an organization. Beyond the effects of a traditional economic downturn, COVID-19 has presented additional challenges — fear from the virus itself, wide-spread grief, and lastly, prolonged physical distancing and associated social isolation.

This World Mental Health Day, let’s have a look at the importance and value of a positive & vibrant sense of well-being to allow individuals to truly flourish on a personal and professional level.

At ARM Worldwide, workplace culture & environment was a key feature of our workdays. However, with remote working processes well in place now, sustaining the positive ambience of our physical workspace was always going to be a tough task. On the surface level, virtual communication & collaboration seems to be quicker and more efficient, but this should not lead us to ignore key elements of interaction such as compassion, empathy, bonding, and at base, real communication!

To facilitate a sense of belongingness, positivity, and bonding, we’ve devised a variety of activities and sessions since the initial phases of the lockdown –

  • All individuals have been advised to keep webcams ON during all interactions – with the sole purpose of feeling a sense of real communication and interaction as opposed to the monotonous and dull interaction over a voice call.
  • Starting a new job from a remote setting can be quite a daunting task which is why there are informal induction sessions organised for all new joinees.
  • A practice that existed well before the pandemic – Fantastic Friday – is still in full swing. Each Friday morning, we invite a skilled professional to interact with us and give us something new to ponder over. In fact, in May, Mimansa Singh Talwar – a leading expert from Fortis Healthcare – held a session on the impact of the pandemic on our mental well-being.
  • Individuals work at their best when they feel valued or appreciated. Amid the whole virtual working phenomena, appraisal & praise can often be missed out without the lack of human body language and attitude. At ARM Worldwide, all achievements and results are celebrated and praised, no matter how big or small. Informal sessions are also held to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.
  • The HR team and department leaders have incorporated more autonomy and fluidity in job roles and responsibilities. Each unique member of the organisation may work in different ways being at home, and they’re encouraged to do so as long as it does not hinder productivity.

The pandemic has brought along a period that has demanded resilience, empathy, and strength. These are some small steps we have taken towards eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health, along with actively offering support and guidance to those in need in these tough times. Mental health issues can hit anyone at any time and in order to find a solution – keeping core human values intact is vital. Working in collaboration as an accepting society is just the first step towards helping the ones that really need help.

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