5 Things to Consider for Choosing Marketing Automation Software



Marketing Automation in today’s business sphere is the new potential streamlining strategy in the marketplace. Be it automating complex actions, aligning workforce, increasing transparency or reducing duplication costs, marketing automation tools step ahead to streamline progress.

Wise decisions are made with detailed research, brainstormed opinions and complete knowledge. Before making this impactful investment, here is a guide to five systematic approaches to be considered before adopting this marketing automation software solution.

1. Specify goals for enhanced vision

Organizational objectives are set by all companies, but setting sharp measurable goals will give you a clear direction with vision. The workforce will, therefore, align with specific targets to ensure justice to all automation practices.

It will be vague to tell the employees that the tool should be used to nurture potential leads or boost return on investments. But it will be reasonable and strategically pacifying when you state the numeric targets with logical calculations; they will understand its essence and the plan. Consider the following types of programs for efficiency in performance:

  • Lead Attainment: SEO, Email and Social Media Marketing
  • Nurturing and Advancement: Behaviour Tracking, Lead Flow, Blogs and Landing Pages
  • Smarketing: CRM integration, Tracking size of deal, Position of lead in Buyer’s Journey and Customization of MQLs and SQLs
  • Marketing Cost: CTAs, Result Oriented Email Templates, Design Creatives and Content Creation for Blogs

2. Focus on Lead Management Process

  • After ascertaining the kind of programs you can achieve the greatest productivity from, research for the resources that will make those programs function.
  • On framing a program chart with defined steps to be followed by a lead, you can organize and standardize your flow of work. This will save time, create effective communication and offer advanced tracking.
  • Next, form the right type of content for every step to orderly attract the lead. For instance: if a lead opens your website blogs and subscribes or downloads an ebook, the content can be easily framed according to the context by knowing the journey: Blogs, CTAs, Landing pages and form, eBooks, thank you page.

3. Assess your workforce

Having the right people to do the right job makes open source marketing automation more productive and less challenging. You need to evaluate your team beforehand to ensure secure and optimum utilization of the marketing automation tool.

  • Analyse the requirements for staffing, training and incentive allocation.
  • Get the workforce educated about buyer personas and buyer journeys.
  • Ensure they’re focussing on revenues and skilled with technology.
  • Sales and marketing teams must comply with each other for Smarketing.

Hold meetings and personal sessions with your workforce, enable them to know under which type of work their strengths can be nurtured and allocate responsibilities accordingly.

4. Engage in minor calculated tasks initially

A marketing automation software is diverse and takes a multitude of automation practices in the account. From reporting clicks to managing email tracking, it is designed to establish a major growth rate with small strategic steps.

  • Set your team’s mind to first establish a routine with regular tasks like tracking journey and reports.
  • Once it gets handy and acquainted with the software, assign major tasks like email tracking and lead nurturing.
  • Marketing channels shall be incorporated once the team has begun to engage with the system and its understanding.

5. Know your audience

Your audience is a vast pool of consumers who are educated and have researched well to reach you. If you are successful in gathering their attention and give answers to their queries, they will turn from visitors to leads. Hence, your target audience needs a direction with education to build trust and loyalty in service. Analyze the type of audience you currently gather and aim at attracting the audience you need to gather. Keep researched statistics in hand and make the best use of the marketing automation software.

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