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Trends evolve so fast that it can be hard to keep up, so we’ve created this ultimate list of 6 digital marketing trends that will help you stay ahead in the market!
Here’s what happened this week in digital.

LinkedIn launches Spotify playlist

  • LinkedIn has recently launched a new playlist to soundtrack the professional development of people in different areas.
  • The inspirational playlists have been divided into different topics, for instance, Women at Work, Never Give Up, and Refine and Focus.
  • These tracks on Spotify encourage employees and young individuals to keep moving forward in their career pursuits.

“More Together” campaign by Facebook

  • “More Together” is a consumer-driven marketing campaign for the Facebook App, which exhibits how people from all walks of life can do more together by making use of their connections on Facebook.
  • India is the first country in the Asia Pacific region where such a high decibel campaign has been rolled out.
  • The first TVC was themed around Holi, and it displays how young people across the globe are sharing the festive spirit and using the power of their online connections built on the Facebook app.

All-new social updates

  • Facebook ‘Horizon’- Facebook is now moving into the beta testing phase for the New “Horizon” VR social platform which is a cartoonish VR world where users will be able to establish and connect virtually.
  • Reddit’s new “Trending Takeover” ad units- These will last up to 24 hours and as per Reddit, its Trending Takeover units have seen 2X above-average CTRs.
  • “Lens Web Builder” on Snapchat- A simplified AR lens option that enables businesses to build custom lenses based on pre-made templates and/or Snap’s library of 3D objects.

A new removal tool within Google Search Console

The tool is responsible for three things:

  • Temporarily hides URLs from showing in Google search.
  • Shows you which content is not in Google because it is “outdated content”.
  • Shows the URLs that were filtered by Google SafeSearch adult filter.

Youtube user watching habits for a better video strategy

  • Younger generations are more likely to seek out short-form content while older generations prefer watching long-form content.
  • Authenticity and accuracy are considered more important than production quality.
  • More value is placed on content that relates to personal interests and passions.

Consumer behaviors and trends

  • Consumers are moving from eco-status to eco-shame. They will seek out products, services, and experiences that help them alleviate rising eco-shame.
  • Smart brands are inclined towards helping those who are exhausted by the pressure of modern life. Get ready for a future in which the mental wellbeing of your employees is just as important as your supply chain.
  • Virtual influencers are moving into the main-stream thus, brands are allowing them to inhabit digital channels.

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