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The global pandemic has brought a plethora of changes in basic day-to-day activities and functions, be it the way we work, shop, communicate, or even entertain ourselves. This shift in lifestyle has led to a clear transformation of consumer behaviour and patterns. It is quite clear individuals are spending more of their time online, with various facets of digital platforms becoming widely popular. Brands must leverage this opportunity to come up with engaging and impactful content to leave lasting impressions on their consumers through digital channels. Through the power of words and visuals, content can be used to connect with audiences and build a community of like-minded people.

Creators, Culture & Content

A digital channel and its wide array of functions is a great way to help cultivate brand image and awareness through content. You can position your brand by talking about what really matters to the consumers through relevant content.

If your brand is strongly involved with positive causes or initiatives for the betterment of society, do not hesitate in to stand up for a cause that’s integral to the brand’s purpose. It is quite likely that this sentiment would resonate with your target audience, and in turn, build a sense of community and belongingness.

Now is the time to drive engagement and active participation of your audiences. You must build on ideas (campaigns, competitions) that help energize social communities as well as bring people together on one common platform.

Creative Playbook 

Building brand identity & persona through communication design is an easy yet effective way to help create an online presence. Design capabilities are at an all-time high, with no signs of slowing down in the near future, so building consistent visual language with colour & typography is a great way to start.

Branded content creators have been around for a while now, across nearly all social media and content platforms. Brands can further enhance their content creativity by investing even more time and resources in these specialised content creators and further exploring remote production.

Social media platforms evolve at a rapid pace and missing out in these developments designed to augment your content is quite risky. For example, Facebook playable ads are a jump from the ordinary – a quirky and engaging way to advertise to users. 

Ad(ding) Value 

Winning the social media game revolves all-around maximising a users experience when they open their app & adding some value to their time spent browsing. This will help you stand out from the plethora of content a single user consumes in one session.

As already explained, Facebook playable ads are a unique form of advertising online and help give users a chance to interact and participate with the brand. Playable ads can also be leveraged keeping in mind the recent shift towards online mobile gaming. Like playable ads, there are a variety of different social media elements that can be utilised to add value to user experience, including native content such as Instagram feed ads.

Feel It, Reel It

The importance of staying up-to-date with the latest elements of social media, and using them to enhance your content curation capabilities, simply cannot be stated enough. Instagram Reels is here to add an entirely new dimension to the platform.

The feature follows a 15-second video format with its own set of creative editing tools like a countdown timer, speed adjustment & more. Unlike stories, Reels can be shared in the explore section & viewed by everyone on the platform. It is even possible for multiple reels to be recorded at once & different effects can be added to each clip. The feature also includes some quirky and innovative AR effects to help users add a unique touch to their videos. 

With the recent ban of Tiktok, it is no surprise to see Instagram leverage this new feature to capture that entire user segment. While prior to the bane, Tiktok content creators strictly restricted themselves to that platform, now we will see a much wider and diverse segment using Instagram

Simply due to the wide functions and capabilities of digital mediums now, the chances to engage and connect with users through innovative content are on the rise. Accurate targeting functions allow you the option to engage with relevant consumers, while new-age data insights and analysis give you a clear picture of how your content is resonating with users.

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