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Content and Creative Chemistry

Understand the change in consumer behaviour & build engaging content to create a community of like-minded people. 

Creators, culture & content

  • Talk about what matters to the consumers through relevant content.
  • Stand up for a cause that’s integral to the brand’s purpose.
  • Build on ideas that energize social communities & bring people together.
  • Add an element of surprise while integrating product features. 

Creative playbook

  • Build a consistent visual language with colour & typography.
  • Consider branded content creators & strategize for remote production.
  • Use formats such as thumb stopper videos, Instagram stories, Facebook playable ads & branded content ads to captivate consumers attention. 

Ad(ding) value 

  • Utilize playable ads for leaning into the mobile gaming behavior.
  • Instagram feed ads can appear as native content which is highly effective in driving new users into the funnel & encourages engagement.
  • A long term perspective about content will help maximize the budgets.

Feel it, Reel it

Navigating through Instagram Reels. 

  • The feature follows a 15-second video format with its own set of creative editing tools like a countdown timer, speed adjustment & more.
  • Reels, unlike stories can be shared in the explore section & viewed by everyone on the platform. 
  • Multiple Reels can also be recorded at once & different effects can be added to each clip.
  • Reels also provide various AR effects to help users add a unique touch to their videos.

Common guiding principles

  • Be true to the brand platform.
  • Engage with relevant consumers.
  • Learn how to leverage the data, device and the digital platforms.

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