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It is exciting yet challenging for any organization to retain the customers they’ve converted. Customers have their sets of expectations and opinions, both of which contribute in building delightful experience as well as brand advocacy. And the experience during this duration either gets them closer or too separated from the service.

Here are guidelines to strategies for retaining potential customers:

Content can lend a helping hand to customer services team by supporting with strategic information for onboarding new clients. Diversity in education with right type of content holds paramount importance. Think beyond the traditional ways and restrain from limit yourself to blogs and downloads by looking at offering videos, webinars, call-ins, user groups, etc. By supplying product information in multiple formats, the clients would gain flexibility in choosing for how they want to use it as per their convenience and time. Also, you hence build credibility and initial trust with the prospect.

  • Publish good content regularly

Content Types

New content should be published regularly without fail. Keep your website constantly updated to add value to your users’ experience. The updates in different forms of content – blog posts, FAQs, how-to guides, product demos, product reviews, vlogs, podcasts, etc. could lead the customers back to you.

  • Revisit your on-boarding strategies

Email Marketing

When your organization begins to ensure the quality of the service brought to the market, it would be the right time to evaluate how customers are reacting to your product once they’ve bought it.  

  • Relook at your onboarding process.
  • Make it smoother for the customer to feel important and valuable.
  • Portals and email campaigns could be useful in the process.

Do everything you can in the right manner to retain the customers you’ve fought so hard to get on board.

  • Keep your audience informed

informed audience

It is one of your priorities to keep customers informed with what’s trending to stay on top of all advancements in your field. This will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Email campaigns can be exponentially useful. Customizable and personalized, they can be used to address users at any stage of the buyer’s journey. Different segments can be targeted through these campaigns. Beginning from new customers to recently churned and loyal ones, all can be appeased.

  • Address customer queries

The person intends to visit your page in search of solutions to his problems. Your content should tell them what they want to know.

  • There should be answers available that immediately address customer inquiries.
  • Provide more than FAQs to customers.
  • The right use of email and blog content can help the customer feel at ease.
  • Focus on quality

An app, downloadable plug-in or extensions are effective ways to stay connected with your users.

  • Make sure the content is up-to-date, constantly improved and enhanced.
  • Ensure it adds value for your customers with adequate quality.
  • Make it useful or entertaining enough to be shared.  
  • There is always a new need for the product

Product innovation

It isn’t easy to upsell. But it is crucial for service-focused companies that intend to maintain a viable business. Know the market, respond to it. Create new product features with relevant content. Since your current customer is still a potential customer. Focus on gearing up to convert them with all-new features you’ve just launched.

  • Keeping audience engaged

engaged audience

Content does not necessarily need to be lengthy and complicated.

  • It can be as simple and short as a tweet, a reply to a blog post or engaging post on your Facebook page.
  • Customers must feel heard and important.
  • Respond to every comment you think is worth a reply.
  • Public loves games! Bring on a good contest.

You could look at adding some of your initial engagement content to add to the excitement – even your most loyal customers wouldn’t mind a good contest.

  • Build skillful support team

Customer Support Team

After conversion, there comes the moment when customer service can either shine or begin a downward journey. You wouldn’t wish to be part of stories wherein customers vent out about poor service and unprofessional departments. To build a responsive and adept customer service team, good content will help in staying afloat. They need useful content they can refer to and share with customers. It might range from a one-page flier to downloadable help guides.

  • Solving common product issues

Problem Solve

Many companies are opting to put the content creation in their customer’s hands to take the issues to another level. This is done so they don’t become unbearably crushing for the customer service team to manage.

  • Educated customers can be empowered with tools like community forums and knowledge bases. These communities can use the expertise of their existing clients to help new ones.
  • Lending itself to innumerable SEO benefits, it’s a great way to use content to build customer service.

By word of mouth publicity, it might not be the painless to build a customer advocacy base, but you could always look at building content that could help your promoters in taking the next step.

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