The Top 7 Viral Marketing Techniques



Viral marketing is the ball game of both luck and diligence. Some viral marketing strategies make the brand go viral in an instant, some take time and some just sink. The thing that is common for all successful viral marketing campaigns is that they start with great efforts, that include: 

Producing share-worthy content,

Creating a buzz around the same, and

Inducing social sharing through paid collaborations.

These efforts aim at acquiring the target audience’s interest which eventually leads to the content spreading like wildfire.

What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing revolves around creating content that has the ability to spread at an exponential rate. It can be in the form of a video, text or image. Through viral marketing techniques, brands make immense use of social networks and online platforms for their promotion.

Why include viral marketing strategies in your marketing campaign? 

With digitization taking off, viral marketing has become supremely beneficial. Content goes viral online frequently and that is why brands are including it in their marketing campaign. Other than that: 

  • It helps enhance brand awareness on a large scale. 
  • A great viral piece of content improves brand retention ten folds. 
  • It is much more economical as compared to paid advertising since the followers become organic promoters. 
  • With successful viral marketing campaigns, a brand can build a robust and loyal customer/follower base. 

7 viral marketing techniques to skyrocket your business.

Hop on the bandwagon of trends

Some sort of a topic or piece of content keeps on going viral every now and then, making it a trend. It can be in the form of a meme, a hashtag, a tweet or a video. By building content surrounding the “it” topics of your industry, you can garner loads of audience for your brand, even from segments outside your targeted ones. 

Leverage video marketing

The attention span of people consuming online content is significantly decreasing. Therefore, video content is taking a major role. The changing viewer behaviour calls for a change in the content creation strategy in order to cater to the target audience’s stated or unstated wants. Moreover, video content has a reach of 92% among worldwide internet users, making it an extremely popular content form with a higher chance of going viral. 

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Create relatable content

Content that resonates with the viewers tends to have an emotional appeal, making it much more compelling. If a viewer relates to your content, they will have a better remembrance of your brand and will be willing to know more about it. Therefore it is crucial to create content with which your target audience can associate. Moreover, relatable content incubates brand awareness through organic social sharing.

Empower your customers

Viral marketing is highly dependent on perceptions. The success or failure of your campaign will depend completely on how your target audience reacts to it. Challenging general beliefs is a risky game, it can either change the viewer’s narrative or bring your brand to the ground. Therefore, every viral marketing campaign must have an essence of empowerment for the customers to experience. This ensures a positive result. 

Associate with influencers

Influencers are like relatable celebrities in today’s time. As per a majority of marketers, influencer-based posts bring much more success than branded posts. Influencer marketing can be a propeller for the campaign to get viral, especially in the initial stages.

Make use of the festive seasons

Festive seasons are the golden time for businesses to intensify their promotional campaigns considering the scope of higher traffic, especially shoppers. Building content and campaigns tailored around festivities posit high growth potential. 

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Ensure variety and consistency

Lastly, it is important to be consistent with your viral marketing techniques and build a variety of viral marketing campaigns in order to increase the probability of actually going viral in the content-filled online space. 


The key element that differentiates a general marketing campaign from a viral marketing campaign is content. Content is king and its power should not be underestimated. 

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