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Influencer Marketing

With the rise of social media, Influencer marketing has become a key strategy brands use to increase their brands’ awareness and create authentic connections. Various studies and researches have stated the market grew exponentially and that consumers are more likely to connect with brands if their products or services are recommended by influencers. As per studies, almost three-quarters of marketers have started opting Influencer marketing to promote their products and services.

This form of marketing is much more powerful than it appears, which is why it has become important for brands to adopt a robust influencer marketing strategy

At #ARM Worldwide, we help your brand gain attention via relevant storytelling that captivates the audience and delivers ROI. Whether you are searching for solutions to social commerce, or trending influencer generated content, #ARM Worldwide is your one stop solution for all. We develop a campaign around your unique requirements and goals, work with Category A, B and C influencers to generate organic and relevant content for your brand to market and grow.  From competitor analysis to gaining insights, our creative team performs various activities across social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to make a strong Influencer marketing strategy that best fits your business requirements.

How we help?

We, at #ARM Worldwide, build robust Influencer marketing strategies from the ground up for your business, keeping in mind your brand perspective, objectives, and target audience. We undergo the following four steps to take your Influencer campaign performance to the next level:

  • Research & Strategy
  • Influencer outreach
  • Content creation and campaign management 
  • Analysis and results
  1. Research and Strategy

#ARM Worldwide understands that in-depth research helps in getting good insights useful to develop strong strategies. Our team of experts is armed with knowledge of thousands of marketing campaigns. We proactively engage with your brand to learn your campaign goals and key performance indicators. We perform a deep analysis of your brands’ personality, values, and objectives to get an understanding of where your brand stands in the marketplace. Our team also analyses and researches about the recent trends among your target demographic before establishing a strategy best suited for your requirements. Before matching you with the right influencers, our team brainstorms and develops creative solutions that resonate with your audience for maximum results.

  1. Influencer outreach

We, at #ARM Worldwide, are experts in building and maintaining relationships with some of the best creators in the Influencer ecosystem. We research and enlist mega, macro, micro and mid-tier, nano influencers with the help of AI-powered talent lists that best align with your brand’s target audience. Our team manages the entire process of Influencer campaign – from creator introductions to contract negotiations, shipping of products and payments, while also maintaining ongoing relationships for future endeavours. We ensure to validate every influencer that is shortlisted for your brand. Once we have discovered the best influencers for your brand, we leverage their strong social media presence to amplify your brand’s message across the masses. Our dedicated team starts engaging with these influencers – right from getting them on board to ensuring timely execution of campaigns to sharing across the reports. You can take the back seat and leave the rest to our team to deliver the best campaign executed for your brand. 

  1. Content creation & campaign management

We, at #ARM Worldwide, understand the power of effective and evergreen content that leaves a lasting impact on the audience. Our team meticulously works hand-in-hand with influencers to strategize campaigns that would help in drawing maximum engagement with your brand. We stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and algorithms, effectively using it to create your brand awareness. The content and campaign strategy is developed by experienced heads. Our team ensures that campaigns are executed timely and curated with right influencers who are aligned with the brand values and personality, while also maintaining the transparency of the campaign with the help of integrated tools which help to keep track and record the performance of every influencer and overall metrics for the campaign. From choosing the right platform as per your target audience to managing your campaign and driving ROI, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. Analysis & results

At #ARM Worldwide, we believe that numbers speak volumes. With advanced measurement offerings – Platform reporting and analysis, Online conversions, brand and sales lift studies – we help you measure the true impact of your Influencer marketing campaign. Through real-time campaign monitoring, our team keeps a close eye on the progress of your campaign. Our team digs deeper into the audience insights – views, comments, and likes – with daily engagement graphs for capturing the campaign results, and making any necessary changes to better the performance. Our team renders the results in a visually intuitive dashboard that shows you the difference of the efforts that our team has put in the campaigns for your business. Our team evaluates all the data for quicker decision making and optimising content strategy on the fly, keeping our prime focus on ROI for your brand.


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Why join #ARM Worldwide as an Influencer?

We, at #ARM Worldwide, strategically create unique opportunities for our influencers to become advocates with the brands that they love. Collaborating with #ARM Worldwide gives you the opportunity to work with marketers from top brands who are searching to connect with content creators.  Know More

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