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INBOUND is a yearly event organized by HubSpot that sees thousands of marketing and sales professionals across the globe come together to celebrate this humane approach to business. The enriching sessions by keynote speakers and some of the eminent personalities from different walks of life instil excitement around the inbound movement and provide inbound marketers with actionable tactics and tools which they can quickly apply to their daily inbound marketing strategy.

The event of INBOUND’17 is going to be much grander and exciting, with more inspirational keynote sessions, educational breakthroughs and new connections that put you into a different headspace and inspires you to think outside your regular inbound methods.

While these should be reasons enough to attend the event, another compelling reason is the attendance of Michelle Obama, one of the star keynote speakers this time.

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We provide you with six game-changing reasons why INBOUND’17 is a must-attend event for any inbound marketer, or – to be precise – every marketing or sales professional:

#1. Insightful Sessions With Many Seasoned Keynoters, Including Michelle Obama

INBOUND’17 is going to expect more keynote speakers than any of the previous years, who are going to inspire the attendees with their vision for the future of marketing, sales and business. Some of the keynoters who will be in attendance are:

  • Brene Brown (Researcher and best-selling author)
  • Piera Gelardi (Co – Founder, Refinery29)
  • Michelle Obama (Former First Lady)
  • Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah (Co – founders, HubSpot)
  • John Cena (Actor and WWE Superstar)

The list is not exhaustive as there are yet more speakers to come on board.

The most inspiring keynote speaker to look out for is Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the US. She always had a strong personality which gave her a will and dedication to work for the betterment of the society and fight against any kind of injustices in the society. Her charismatic personality, incredible communication skills and compassion towards the causes which affect the society is what makes her the most suitable source of motivation for the inbound movement.

Inbound marketers can learn a lot of lessons from her life, and get inspired to get new insights into their inbound marketing skills and for their personal lives as well.

#2. Insights About Actionable Tactics and Tools for Your Inbound Methodology

Attending INBOUND’17 provides a rich learning experience to all its attendees, who can learn something new and implement it to scale up their business. The speakers at breakout sessions would give you lessons about the latest trends in marketing and actionable tactics, which you can apply straightaway to leverage your inbound marketing strategy.

#3. Opportunity to Grow Business Through Networking Efforts

INBOUND ‘17 would witness 19,000+ attendees – like-minded people who’ll be as excited and geared up about the inbound movement as you are. Hence, there could be no other better opportunity for inbound marketers to make new connections and friends from every corner of the world possible, and get new perspectives about inbound marketing and grow your business. Also, it will throw open an opportunity for you to create future partnerships with your connections, which can take your business to new heights.

#4. Inspiration to Take – Off Your Future Projects

The primary objective of organizing INBOUND is not only to give the marketing and sales professionals in attendance lessons on their views about future of marketing and sales but also to inspire them to grow in their lives both professionally and personally.

The Bold Talk sessions held at the event are one of the most inspirational sessions which could ever be organized for the corporate professionals. It sees speakers from all walks of life come together and share stories about the struggles which they had to face in life; obstacles which came in the path of their success, and how they were able to start from scratch and reach the level they have achieved today.

The lessons which attendees learn from here can go well beyond their personal and professional lives, and they can apply it in their lives as well in some way or the other. Who knows, you may learn some life-changing lessons from these sessions.

#5. Enriching Keynote Sessions

INBOUND is unlike your regular industry or corporate event, in the sense that it gives an opportunity to all its attendees to gain some new insights that go beyond their regular inbound strategies. The keynote sessions are especially the most enriching and insightful sessions for the attendees.

This year, the event promises to be grander, with more keynote speakers in attendance from diverse disciplines. The attendees can get inspired by the stories of these eminesnt keynote speakers, and learn something new from every session as they provide their view on the future of marketing and sales, and ingrain them in their own inbound tactics and lives as well.

These are the major reasons why every corporate professional must attend INBOUND’17. Apart from providing you with inspiration and lessons which are necessary to give a new dimension to your inbound strategy, it will also give you a direction to achieve your professional as well as personal goals in life. To sum up the conclusion, corporate professionals from every field or discipline will have something valuable to take back with them.

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