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Increase University Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing


The first and foremost question that arrives in the minds of the readers after reading the heading is that, is it even required to do marketing for universities? Yes, it is. Providing education is the greatest deed, but an educational institute doesn’t work on praise, it needs money and other…

The first and foremost question that arrives in the minds of the readers after reading the heading is that, is it even required to do marketing for universities? Yes, it is. Providing education is the greatest deed, but an educational institute doesn’t work on praise, it needs money and other monetary resources to continue its operations and stay in business. Therefore, just like any other business which needs to show themselves to the audience to get ahead of the competition, a university or a college to need strong brand awareness and robust marketing strategies. Know more why Online reputation management is important for a college/university. While there are many universities which are making efforts to improve their brand awareness and implement marketing strategies to increase their awareness. But, the point to which colleges need to give a thought is that all the major universities and their competitors are using the same set of services and strategies to promote them which makes them redundant. Now comes the question that is there anything else that can be done? OR Is there a methodology that can be used by the universities to their branding smartly that can generate some quality and sizeable results for them. The plausible answer is Inbound Marketing. Inbound marketing is the strategy for modern-day marketers that help them to generate beneficial results for their brand. It has become the standard for contemporary marketing techniques. Though it used mostly by the B2B and B2C businesses, it has the potential to take the university awareness strategies to its potential threshold. Inbound marketing is based on a basic principle that consists of four steps:
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight
Which, when designed and implemented for a university turns out something like this: Inbound marketing is the strategy that has given the marketers the result that they need with its unique approach to understanding the consumer and devising the solutions for them according to their needs. Inbound marketing is one of the most flexible and customisable marketing strategies that has given the marketers a magic wand in their hands to impress and attract the consumers. Apart from being effective Inbound marketing is highly ROI driven and give considerable outputs with minimum inputs. Inbound marketing, in a while, has turned many heads and turning out to be an effective solution. To help you understand better and give an idea of how Inbound marketing can help universities to increase their awareness amongst the consumers we have jotted down some tactics for you.

1. Content marketing

Content is the most important prospect that a university has for themselves which they can leverage to get the attention of students. Inbound marketing with its approach to understanding the consumer’s journey and their requirements give universities enough insight on the type of content that aspiring students want to consume. When a university understands the pain points of the students, then they can work to provide the desired solutions to them and fill the gap. When students find the content that they are looking for on your blog/website they tend to give it a read which generates certain authority in their minds for the university. Further, they tend to share the content piece with their friends and people that help to amplify the awareness of the university further. E.g., If a university understands the mindset of their target audience then they’ll know what kind of content will work for them. Simple words don’t always work, if the TG wants to consume content that is in the form of infographics or in the form of videos, then that’s the type of content universities must produce.

2. Guest Blogging

Again, a part of the content but in a completely different manner. Guest blogging is something that will not only generate awareness for your brand but also will build authority. It’s like a referral marketing scheme; universities can get in association with the education bloggers and ask them to write about the universities courses and the advantages of studying there. Influencer marketing: This might come as a surprise to you, but Influencer marketing can generate results for a university too. Bringing those influencers who have a certain authority in their domain like a CEO of an MNC or a founder of a booming startup and making them talk about the benefits of studying is your university can get the results for your university. When the leaders who are well known in the industry and a role model for students, talk about your university then it creates a certain value/authority in the minds of students for your university.

3. Exclusive offers/deals

While the university is making its effort to attract students and get their business what can help is to provide them with the deals that they can’t say no to and talk about it with their friends. For an instance, if a university provides an offer to students with a scholarship of a certain amount of they apply before a particular date then it will create excitement in the mind of that student and he/she will talk about it with their friends which will further help university to get the attention of more potential students/consumers. While inbound marketing strategies look like a solution to the marketing problems of the universities, what’s holds the key is to use the Inbound methodology effectively and wisely. Hubspot is one tool that has the power of customization and helps universities to utilize the potential of Inbound marketing. We hope that the blog was helpful to you and have provided you with enough information about the Inbound marketing, but if you still wish to know more then, you can follow the link.
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