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Why HubSpot is a Perfect Fit for the Finance Industry


The finance industry is unlike the other industries. The tasks that we take days to complete is their everyday job. People working in the finance industry are always aware and keep an eye on every aspect of the job because just one wrong click can cause a loss of billions…

The finance industry is unlike the other industries. The tasks that we take days to complete is their everyday job. People working in the finance industry are always aware and keep an eye on every aspect of the job because just one wrong click can cause a loss of billions and change the future of an entire organisation. But, there’s a job that’s much more difficult than this one. It’s being a marketer in the finance industry. No matter how hard a marketer tries, there are a number of limitations that restrict the whole process. Being a marketer is about thinking out of the box and bringing the best of ideas to reach the consumers and get business. But, when it comes to the financing industry, the number of factors that come into consideration makes the whole process limited. So, the box that marketers want to escape turns into jail with steel walls. Also, with the dawn of digital fintech solutions, the task is much more difficult now because the competition is not just the traditional financial giants but also the new age digital startups. With the increase in the influence of online world where information is available at a touch of a button, consumers are more aware and know what they want. Digital platforms have disrupted the marketing field and changed the status-quo of the industry. Therefore, for financial industries to ace the game of marketing, digital platforms have become more than important. With every company trying to establish themselves as an authority in the domain, the most efficient and effective way to market any finance related brand is Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing has enabled the marketers to integrate the modern-day technology with the marketing strategies to achieve sizeable results. There are many tools available in the market that can help marketers to leverage the potential of inbound marketing strategies and drive results. One of the best tools that is designed with multiple features and is well-known in the industry is Hubspot. Hubspot is a modern-day marketing and sales platform that provides holistic marketing services to companies. From attracting consumers to converting leads, Hubspot provides all the solution to businesses. Don’t believe us? Here are a few ways in which Hubspot can help a finance industry to streamline their marketing tasks. Hubspot is designed in the inbound methodology which can be broadly categorised into four parts:
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

1. Attract

The most important part of the inbound strategy, this step includes creating relevant content for consumers to attract them towards your business. A company can attract consumers with various methods like blogging, social media and content strategy. Afterall, creating relevant content is what holds the key. Hubspot enables businesses to get an understanding of their audience by mapping their journey and understanding their persona, providing the information about what consumers want and what are their pain points. With such relevant data in hand, companies can create more personalised content for consumers and cater their needs.

2. Convert

Once people read your content and find it relevant, they tend to visit your website for more information. And, that’s the step when you can convert these visitors into potential consumers. The most effective way to do so is by using forms, sending messages and arranging meetings. Having forms on your website will help you to get the contact details of the visitors and with a column asking their query can boost the chances of converting them into a lead. Hubspot is a tool that helps to create such forms and other CTAs that prompt consumers to give their details willingly.

3. Close

Congratulations, you have attracted people towards you, but, what next? You want them to convert into consumers. This is the part where Hubspot proves its worth. Using Hubspot’s CRM tool, companies can track whether the sales team is closing the leads in the right way or not. Further, HubSpot tool can help companies to design relevant emails, nurture the leads in the right way and predict the lead score.

4. Delight

Inbound marketing methodology is based on a foundation that believes the true worth of a company. Hubspot helps companies to provide a noteworthy experience to their consumers and generate a sense of loyalty in their minds. Hubspot has the feature to manage the content and conversations that are happening around over the web. Tools to integrate all the social media channels and manage the relations with people is something that makes Hubspot worth its hype. These four steps give you an overview of what Hubspot or a Hubspot certified company can do for your business. If you wish to get comprehensive insights on how Hubspot works and what other amazing features it has, then you can contact us here or just come over and have a cup of coffee. Read Blog-Hike up your Financial Business with Inbound Marketing.
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