Coke's Personalized Tweet, Facebook Lite, MoPub's report on Video Ads, Norwegian Airlines' Emoji URL and Tumblr's GIF Search Engine: This Week In Digital - #ARM Worldwide



First Friday of June and things are already shaking up in the digital world. Tumblr has finally realized its key content and Coke’s experimenting with a new Twitter Ad format. Like clockwork, here are few notable news from the world of Digital and Technology which have made an impact this week in the industry.

Coke tried to be personal to the viewer with their new Promoted Tweet

Share A Coke

For their Share A Coke campaign, Coca-Cola is using a new method to personally greet viewers to buy a personalized bottle of Coke, with their name printed on it. With Tailored Audiences, this promoted tweet has a format where it displays the viewer’s first name in the tweet, as shown in the image below. Twitter hasn’t made it very clear whether other brands are also using similarly personalized call to actions. Once made transparent, this method will surely trigger a new wave of advertising using Twitter.

Facebook releases a Lite app for its “next billion users”

Facebook Lite

Facebook isn’t the most optimized app ever and it can be a pain sometimes if you are using it in shady network or, if you are from Asia, Latin America and Africa, where data charges are abrupt. Today, Facebook has announced the Facebook Lite app, which is basically a stripped off version of the official app. Supposedly, it will consume comparatively less data and work faster.

With 2G still being used by over 4 billion people in the world, Facebook Lite is targeted towards capturing the users on such connection, enabling Facebook as a communication platform for them. This release will go in parallel with Facebook’s own initiative, which also targets to serve a similar target audience.

MoPub reports significant growth in Video Ads in Q1 2015

Twitter’s MoPub released their quarterly report today, for the first three months of 2015 and data from over 30,000 apps. According to the report, there has been a significant growth in Video Ads, where publishers saw an increase of 39% in revenue and their eCPM when compared to Q4 of 2014.

Another point highlighted in the report was non-skippable ads performed better for app developers, as compared to those running skippable ads on their apps.

Airline made a URL of emojis and used influencers to “spread the word”

Norwegian Airlines was going to announce a direct flight from Copenhagen to Las Vegas and they wanted to do something different for their target group, the 18 – 34 years old. In that attempt, they created an URL made entirely of emojis (see the image above). On the day of the push, the URL was visited by over 1,600 people. While it may sound a relatively smaller number, I’m sure you haven’t tried typing a URL full of emojis.

The fascinating thing about this Instagram push was that it wasn’t made using Norwegian Airlines’ own account. Instead, they used eight influencers which included a singer, a soccer star and few bloggers. According to the airline, they reached a target audience of over 500,000 people and generated over 4000 likes on those images.

Tumblr creates a search engine for GIFs


Tumblr is always refining their user experience – two years ago, the Yahoo-owned microblogging platform went through a major makeover in design and purpose. Now, they are adding another leg to their purpose – GIFs. Tumblr has created a search engine of sorts, just for GIFs. It searches through the widely tagged, extensive GIF library from the content uploaded by its users.

The interface has been kept really minimal, just the way David Karp has kept Tumblr all these years. It may still be a misfit in the search engine faction, but surely does give out better result than the top players of the said club.

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