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It was a significant weekend! India had its 2016 make of international digital advertising and marketing conference ad:tech New Delhi. We were delighted to have honor to be Digital Partner of the event. It was a success, with great keynotes and panel discussions. The expo witnessed demonstrations from the best of the industy bringing new things to the table. Adding more to the extravaganza, ad:tech witnessed the industry’s first roast – where ARM’s own Abhishek Punia took the stage with his wit!

Among other things, following are the headline roundup from this week in Digital.

Major League Baseball signs a multi-year deal with Snapchat


Behold, Snapchat! The platform never fails to amaze when used as the creative choice to reach youth. More and more brands are pulling up their socks and get on creating content for a Snapchat presence. Major League Baseball is the latest entry to it. In fact, they went a step ahead. MLB has signed a multi-year deal with Snapchat for a spot as a content property. This content property will be used to intrigue UGC in form of direct-from-stadium and to distribute MLB information, for a higher reach among Snapchat users in US, who are mostly youth.

Adding another step ahead to adding more “selfies” for a purpose, where creativity is the limit!

Twitter bot DeepDrumpf is breaking the internet, Trump style


Marketing just got to see a light of hope in using Twitter bots to create social media buzz. A Twitter bot made at MIT is breaking the internet with its AI-processed-produced tweets, profiled as the Donald Trump. Now here’s the check, tweets by DeepDrumpf on worldly things is totally how the real Donald Trump would have done it (if you get what I mean!). It comes off from a training to the background AI from public speeches and other form of comments made by Donald Trump.

Imagine making such representative bots, trained by AI, handling active ORM on social media impeccably. Similarly, “always on” interactions. Use cases are infinite!

BBC to use WhatsApp and Viber for further global reach


Mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber have made it possible for not only millions of people to connect but also for news organisations to reach out to the far corners of the globe. There are around 417 million WhatsApp users worldwide, and Viber has 711 million registered users worldwide. With an audience as vast as that, it is a smart move for BBC to team up with them.

In an attempt to reach a younger audience, BBC has adopted a new approach to distribute its content through Viber and WhatsApp. WhatsApp will carry important messages and clips from documentaries of BBC. There will be no disturbance of ads in the content. Expect more with commercial applications of WhatsApp by brands, new gateway at a time.

Gaana’s a step ahead in the story with a Musical Proposal ad

From the previous love themed metro ad to this cute proposal ad, Gaana is surely trying really hard to use music to bring out the right emotions; maybe establish a ‘gaana’ recall for themselves. Gaana’s agency is looking very promising with its love theme. Their latest one is a treat to the eyes as it conveys very easily that ‘Love knows no boundaries’ without much drama. They show how music is the bridge connecting two individuals with different language and origins.

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