Digital PR: Guide to Generate Free Buzz for your Company



Public Relations, or PR, is a communication activity with which the company seeks to build a relationship with the public, which is mutually beneficial for both. The fact that it is entirely different from marketing makes it imperative for every brand to give equal importance to this function. While technology has changed every field and sector in the world, it has also impacted the PR industry in a big way.

Therefore, the technological developments have transformed the traditional PR industry into Digital PR. So, what is Digital PR? It is a tactic used by marketers to increase the brand’s online presence by building relationships with content bloggers and online journalists to gain ‘media hits’ and high-quality backlinks. Therefore, backing your marketing efforts with the below mentioned Digital PR tactics can not only build your brand image but, can also help you increase your customer base by generating leads and in turn, drive sales and revenue.

1. Blogger engagement

Blogger engagement also called as blogger outreach, is nothing but brands working with bloggers to create authentic content around a brand, product or service, to promote it. Reaching out to bloggers who are already interacting with and influencing your target audience can help businesses benefit from their trust and influence.

2. Media and blogger relationship

The activities related to bloggers and media does not end with reaching out to them for brand campaigns but, extends much beyond that. It is also building relationships with them and sustaining them for future endeavours. Therefore, PR professionals must nurture their relations with the content bloggers and media journalists regularly to maintain their relationships.

3. Influencer marketing

Influencers are individuals with a vast social media following, who have the power to influence the people with their thought processes and ideologies. They are the best use for marketing your brand or your offering through social media platforms and reaching out to your target audience. Therefore, PR professionals should leverage this marketing tactic for their product or brand promotion campaigns.

4. Youtuber association

YouTube is the biggest video platform in the digital world right now and to leave this platform when talking about promoting your brand is just the thing that PR persons should refrain from doing. YouTube is filled with YouTubers who are influencing the people worldwide with their videos and innovative ideas. Therefore, leveraging these YouTubers and partnering with them to promote your brand or products or to reach out to your target audience in the most exciting manner is a must-do for every PR professional.

5. Measurable and immediate

As compared to the traditional PR methods, the digital PR activities generate immediate results because the content can be published and distributed as soon as it is created, which takes some time to process, if done the traditional way. Moreover, the results generated from the digital PR efforts are measurable and can be quantified in terms of numbers or reach and the revenue generated.

With the advent of smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and others, that have enabled ease of access anytime and anywhere to the consumers worldwide, every brand is going digital. Therefore, it is imperative for brands to shift from the traditional PR tactics to digital PR. The biggest advantage it offers is that it makes the content immediately, easily and widely shareable as compared to the conventional methods. Businesses should thus, divert their efforts to practicing digital PR to enhance their brand image and get the most out of it to build goodwill amongst their target audience.

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