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We are the middle of December, just two weeks away from 2017. In Digital, most things are moving product wise and a lot has been happening on social media. In coming weeks, we will witness the opening lineup of Christmas campaigns from the spectrum of brands. For this week, following is the roundup of everything Digital.

Facebook will do a fact-check as a measure to Fake News fiasco

Facebook has received a lot of criticism on showing fake news without keeping a check. Hoaxes related to celebrities, countries etc, have become very common on Facebook. In order to prevent this, Facebook has come up with strategy.

Facebook on Fake News

They are focusing on easier reporting by introducing a fake news button. Also, you can flag a story as disputed. Facebook has started a program with third party fact-checking organizations to check the authenticity of the stories.

If the fact checkers determine that a story is indeed fake, Facebook will display a link to a corresponding article explaining why it’s been marked as such. Moreover, Facebook will now display disputed stories lower in News Feed than un-flagged articles, and once a story has been marked, it will be ineligible for promotion.

This will help in curbing the spread of fake news on social media and promote genuine content. Also, it’ll help in rebuilding the trust in the readers.

Instagram will allow Followers to Revisit your Photos


The new Instagram feature called “Saved Post” wherein we can bookmark our favourite pictures to revisit it later. It’s not only convenient but helpful to marketers as well. Earlier users could only screen shot the images they used to like on Instagram, now with this new feature they can easily bookmark the post.

This feature becomes a medium to find out engagement on the posts for media marketers. Also, they would be able to decipher the kind of content that works the most on Instagram. As, Insta-posts are used for thought generation and visual description, Saved post option becomes a necessity for the users because people usually like to save things they find visually appealing.

Who kept up with the Mannequin Challenge

Well, we have the Mannequin challenge now which involves people standing still holding a pose like a mannequin. However, brands see this as marketing opportunity to showcase their product.

It’s all about grabbing an opportunity. How an internet phenomenon can be ceased as an opportunity and converted into engagements is what digital marketing services are all about. Isn’t it? It not only helps to increase your brand’s visibility but also shows that your brand is keeping pace with the latest happenings. Hence, A connect is formed with the customers.

PS. We at #ARM Worldwide made an attempt at the challenge as well.

'Oops' is better than 'what if'……Here is our attempt of mannequin challenge! #mannequinchallenge #challengingourselves #togetherisfun #ARMdigital

Posted by ARM Worldwide on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

E! News’ Facebook Live show is grabbing eyeballs

FreeSTYLE: How to upgrade beach waves with braids.

Let's freeSTYLE! Fresh from working with the Angels in Paris, hairstylist and inventor of the Beachwaver Sarah Potempa teaches us how to upgrade beach waves with braids.

Posted by E! News on Thursday, 8 December 2016

Facebook live is an excellent way to increase engagement on Facebook and to gain ample views. E-news is coming up with a new show which would be broadcasted live on Facebook wherein, they will be using different elements of sponsorship to gain money.

It’s an excellent piece of plan to engage users in a subtle marketing technique. Users will not only be informed but entertained at the same time. Tweaking entertainment with awareness is an old but an effective idea for marketers.

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