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It’s not the same world anymore. From buying our groceries to studying, everything now is done online. The digital world has created ripples across the universe and changed the status-quo of every industry. Offline seems to be at rest while the online world is taking the world by storm. Every industry is now primarily, if not completely, dependent on the digital platforms to run their business. Though it is a perception that only IT industry is the one that been affected the most, the fact is that every other sector has been equal or more adverse shifts in the paradigm. One of the industries that have undergone changes because of this change is the education sector. Know more why Online Reputation Management is Important for Your College/University.

From online videos to webinars, mode of education has taken a giant leap. And, not only the way education is consumed, the way how universities and colleges market themselves has also changed a lot. It’s the digital marketing and various aspects of digital marketing that generates results for educational institutes. Gone are the days when institutes used to rent the hoardings on the roadside for promoting their brand, digital marketing strategies are way more effective and ROI friendly.

While there are various aspects that come under the digital marketing, one that matters the most is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one stop shop for institutes that are looking to get seen in the digital world. The question that arises is that why SEO is so important for universities and why can’t they make it big, or increase enrolments, using the digital world without SEO services?

The answer to the question is in our day to day life. We all know the number of time teenagers spends on their laptops, mobiles or tablets. Online mediums are their primary source of information and entertainment. And, when most of the TG for institutes are present on the digital platforms, it wouldn’t be a wise decision not to leverage digital platforms. Having a strong digital presence makes it easier for colleges to get found and get the attention of the students. And, having a good SEO strategy strengthens this presence multi-folds.

Now that we understand why digital marketing and SEO is important for colleges, let’s understand how SEO can help colleges to increase enrolment rates:

1. Keep your keywords game strong

Keywords are the most fundamental aspect of the digital marketing efforts. The wrong choice of keywords and your whole campaign can go to dust. Selecting right keywords is an important aspect and must be done wisely. While selecting your keyword, here’re a few tips that you can take benefits from:

  • Keyword generator tools: There are many third-party websites or tools present on the internet that can help you to get the right keyword for your content.
  • Mapping competitors: One of the most effective ways to get the right keyword and to stay in the competition is the map what your competitors are doing. Analyse the kind of keywords they are using and whether they’re generating enough traction with the help of such keywords. Doing so, an institute can understand what their competition is doing and keep themselves ahead in the game by learning from the mistake of their competitors.

The better the keywords are, the better is the visibility of the website to consumers which will further increase the chances of enrolment for an institute.

2. Title tags are important

Title tags are an effective component of an efficient SEO strategy. Title tags generate sizeable results if are chosen smartly. Integrating keywords in the title tag boosts the visibility of a website by leaps and bounds. Optimising title tags and using them rightly helps an organization to rank higher as when people search for some information using the particular keywords, it is first searched in the title and then further down in the content, which is why it is advised to institutes to have an optimised and keyword integrated title tag.

It is advised to universities to develop and test a certain set of title tags and observe the result obtained from these title tags and then accordingly make suitable tags for all their blogs/articles.

3. Geo-filters help

Most of the colleges and universities tend to ignore the geo filters or the location factors while devising a marketing strategy. It has to be noted that while selecting a college what holds a great value is the location of the college and students filter out colleges based on the location of the college. So, an institute that is present in the location that they can leverage then they must include geo-tagging into their SEO strategy.

SEO services are not only efficient but also ROI friendly, the quality of leads and the rate of enrolment generated through SEO is far greater than traditional or other marketing strategies. If you still wish to understand more about how SEO works then visit you are an institute looking to leverage SEO services then visit

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