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It’s the first week of July and we have crossed the half way mark of the year 2015. It has really been just a blink of an eye and lot of water has passed under the bridge that 2015 is. With fresher ideas and always a desire to succeed, we are all set together, to grasp, hold and beat the milestones that we achieved in the first half and continue to scale the successful heights that we have set as our flagged targets.

And just as we are setting up for the up ride, here we are sitting on a Friday, which means time for the Digital Round up of the week. We promise to keep the stories short and add the link where necessary for you to consume the details.

Chris Pratt Starts a Social Media Trend of Recreating the Famous Jurassic World Scene

Thank you to the parents of this little one. You’ve made my day. Oh man! I’m crying laughing.

Posted by Chris Pratt on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If you have seen Jurrasic World, then the scene where Chris Pratt controls and fends away three dinosaurs is surely the one that stands out in your mind. Now the scene has become a bit of a phenomenon after Chris posted out a picture of the same scene recreated with a toddler on Facebook. Post the update, several people have recreated the scene and all of them are adorable. The next viral content? You would not be wrong on that one.

Facebook Messenger brings the ability to search for stickers and GIFs from within the app

GIF & Stickers search

Do you want to be cute with your crush or give a funny one liner to that one friend with whom you can bitch about and attach a GIF or a sticker to the message? If that’s the case, you will have a difficult time searching for the same across the web, and to prevent exactly this, Facebook Messenger has inbuilt a library where you can search for GIFs and stickers and immediately add them in your messages. The feature is currently in beta and being tested out in Canada and is expected to be rolled out soon across the world.

Pinterest turning towards a Sales Model as it introduces Buyable Pins

Pinterest Buy

Have you ever seen a pinned article on Pinterest and wanted to purchase it off immediately? If yes, then there is good news for you as Pinterest has brought the feature to its iOS app. The support for Desktop and Android apps will come in the coming days. Several retailers, such as Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom are already on board with more expected to join in which will also make sure that as a brand, Pinterest will grow.

Use of Education App Grew by 217% YoY in India

Apps- Education

India is a country that is at the cusp of a digital revolution. You only need to see the youth of the country to know how they are already at the dawn of a digital uproar. This has been justified by the numbers that Education apps alone grew by 217% YoY in India. The average time spent by the students today is 91% higher on mobile than last year. In terms of boards, it was observed that ICSE students used education apps 43% more this year. You can go through the entire report on Next Big What here.

Check out the new Find your Fast Campaign by Nike

Nike has historically been known to honor great athletics and athletes. In their latest ad campaign though, they have moved away from the usual and given things a full spin with pace. To introduce the theme of Find Your Fast, in order to introduce the Air Zoom Elite 8 series Nike has come up with what they are calling the fastest ad. You have the likes of Serena Williams and Wayne Rooney featuring in a star-studded lineup. Oh and not to spoil it for you, but there is some road runner show in there too.

[Infographic] How Visual Media changes the way we consume information


We have strongly moved away from the days of text towards video. Nobody has time to read through a tutorial or a news report when we can play the video, see the visuals and totally multi task our way to glory while intaking the same information. This is why Visual Media has totally changed the way we consume data nd information. Exactly what has changed, has been beautifully put in the Infographic published by the folks over at AdWeek.

With that, we have come to an end of yet another Digital Roundup. We will be back in time for the next week’s coverage. Do make sure you are following us on our social media channels to stay updated with the latest from the world of Digital.

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