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We at ARM Worldwide celebrated our 2nd anniversary last weekend, with a lot of changes to our functioning and philosophy. Other than that, in the highlight we saw LinkedIn’s jumping figures for Q2 and, KFC celebrating their 60th anniversary with a digital bucket. Following is our roundup for everything digital for the last week of July.

LinkedIn announces its Q2 revenue, landmarks a 33% increase from last year this time

LinkedIn Q2 Revenue 2015LinkedIn announced their Q2 revenue figures this week. Before the announcement, Wall Street expected the maximum threshold to be $680 million, which was shattered by the original figure of $712 million. Out of the $712 million revenue, over 60% of the amount came from talent acquisition solutions on the platform. Marketing solutions and premium accounts contributed $140 million and $128 million respectively.

With its acquisition of, an online training/tutorial website earlier this year for $1.5 billion, LinkedIn is expected to see another jump in revenue for Q3. If not, LinkedIn will surely be working on an enhanced integration of training programmes with its existing services.

Uber plans to invest $1 billion to expand its operations in India

Uber investing $1 billion in India

While its most important competitor Ola is all set to raise $500 million for its India operations, Uber has disclosed its plan to invest $1 billion to expand its market in India. As reported by FT, Amit Jain, the India president for Uber stated that the company is closing to 200,000 rides a day from its operation in 18 cities. With this investment, Uber will look forward to reach an India specific record of one million rides daily by March 2016.

Yahoo’s new mute video messaging app

This week, Yahoo unveiled Livetext, a new video messaging platform. While Livetext is all about a video chat without sound and only with expressions and emoticons, we are unsure of its distinguishability against the likes of Snapchat. It does give a unique approach by playing on each other’s moods and meanings than just plain texting. Targeted towards a large section of youth consumers, Yahoo has taken this step to acknowledge the future potential for monetisation, given the demand for mobile advertising – until they figure out a sustenance plan.

Take snap and share memories when KFC bucket turns into a printer

KFC is turning 60 and they want you to share this moment of happiness with them. With that in mind, KFC has introduced a digital bucket in Canada which can transform into a printer for your selfies with your friends and family. This campaign is played well with KFC using their iconic chicken bucket to source user emotions. Pizza Hut pulled off a similar trick back in Hong Kong where the pizza box transformed into a home projector.

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