This Week in Digital | Buying the Power of Millennials with Social Media



This Week in Digital

There are a bunch of developments in the digital world that have occurred this week. Let’s take a look at the latest ones as of yet.

How to tap into the buying power of millennials with Social Media

  • This year, the calculations state that millennials in the U.S. alone will be spending $200 billion by themselves.
  • By 2018, it is estimated that they will have the most spending power of any generation.
  • Social media is playing a huge role when it comes to engaging this particular audience.
  • 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, then they are more likely to become a loyal customer.

How to find your best B2B prospects on LinkedIn

  • One of the best ways to find leads on LinkedIn is by looking at who’s already paying attention to you on the platform.
  • With LinkedIn’s “Follow” feature, you have a ready-made list of individuals who have essentially given their consent to follow all your status updates and articles.
  • LinkedIn sorts people based on those who have told the platform that they want to “follow” your updates, even though they are not yet connected to you directly.
  • This sorting is done from top to bottom – starting with the people who have most recently started to follow you – meaning your “warmest” and “newest” leads are right at the top of the screen.

Facebook reveals a new dynamic creative tool

  • Facebook is helping brands automatically create different versions of an ad that will vary in content, based on who they are shown to and where they appear.
  • Brands can now input multiple options for each of the elements that make up an ad, like the photo, headline, call-to-action and various other elements.
  • Facebook will then automatically piece together various versions of the ad on the fly to appeal to different audiences and accommodate different placements.
  • Dynamic creative is available in Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor, and the supported campaign objectives are conversions, app installs and traffic.

Snapchat rolls out conversion-tracking Snap Pixel

  • Snapchat is giving marketers a way to track how the customers visiting their sites may have come after seeing a brand’s ad on the mobile app – even if they didn’t directly engage with the ad.
  • The social network unveiled the Snap Pixel, a conversion-tracking tool for brands to measure how their ads on Snapchat may have impacted traffic on their sites.
  • After a while, Snapchat will also make the tracking tag available to all advertisers – including those buying ads through its self-serve Snapchat Ad Manager tool.
  • For now, Snap Pixel remains in a testing phase, and brands will need to contact Snapchat’s sales team to request access.

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