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This Week in Digital

There are a number of important developments that have occurred in the digital world. Here are some of the major one.


‘How Public Relations can positively impact sales’ – Honey Singh, CEO of #ARM Worldwide


  • Public Relations has emerged as the driving force in augmenting the sales of a company.
  • It helps in increasing brand awareness and improving name recognition.
  • PR can also help in building the foundation on which your brand can stand.
  • Effective PR helps in establishing and improving a brand’s overall product, and also boost its credibility.

Snapchat will now let brands measure the overall impact of their ads on their sales


  • Right now, Snapchat isn’t a must-buy for advertisers to promote their product due to the inability to gauge the overall impact of their ads.
  • Now, Snapchat has allowed for a program that can allow firms to track the effect that the ads they’re displaying on the app are affecting their product.
  • This will allow brands to measure the effect of their ads on their rivals and figure out the best way to advertise their product.

Twitter will start rolling out a subscription-based program for around $99 a month


  • Twitter’s ad revenue is on a constant decline, and they need to figure out better ways to boost their overall product.
  • To do this, Twitter has started rolling out a subscription-type program that will cost around $99 per month.
  • By availing of this service, brands will be able to automatically promote tweets related to their product on the social website.

SMBs have revealed that more than half of their online sales come from digital retailers


  • NetElixir surveyed 500 SMBs that sell products via an online marketplace and managed to infer something rather interesting from the data collected.
  • Particularly, retailers like Amazon, Jet, and eBay and contributing majorly to the online sales of these SMBs.
  • This data has been provided by just over 60% of the SMBs that were surveyed, making a strong case for these successful online retailers.

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