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This Week in Digital

Let’s look at the latest news that is prevalent in the digital world this week.

‘Inbound marketing ensures a stronger brand presence and a long-term impact’ – Ritesh Singh, CEO of #ARM Worldwide

  • Inbound marketing plays a crucial role in bringing control to the dynamism of business.
  • Attracting potential customers through compelling content that is both relevant and valuable to the customer is a vital aspect of inbound marketing.
  • A strong positioning strategy gives a sharper and clearer direction to the business, which is essential for start-ups.
  • Building buyer personas for your startup business sets the foundation of your marketing campaigns, since they not only incorporate demographic data but also behavioural insights.
  • Outbound marketing gives you instant results but the shelf life is till budget ends; inbound marketing gives more value for the same buck.


Instagram starts putting Stories – but not Story ads – on its website

  • With 250 million people checking out Stories in its app every day, Instagram is extending the product to its online audience that skews international.
  • Now, the Facebook-owned photo-and-video-sharing service has begun showing Stories to people who log into its website.
  • While the Stories feed in Instagram’s app features ads, for now Instagram will not insert ads within the online version.
  • People will eventually be able to post to their Stories through Instagram’s mobile site, but not the desktop version.

google adsense

Google launches a beta version of their AdSense User First technology

  • A small number of AdSense and AdMob publishers started receiving invitations to Google Adsense’s User First beta program this week.
  • The goal at this stage is to test new ways for publishers to make more revenue with fewer, (and hopefully more effective) ads.
  • The program is meant to reward publishers that provide a good user experience — measured by site speed, ad layouts that generate high quality-clicks and low rates of users muting ads on the site — with priority access to new features.
  • Google hopes to find the optimal formula for showing fewer, more targeted ads while driving more revenue.

safe shopping

More consumers seeking to buy directly from brands vs. retailers

  • A survey of 1,000 adults contains lots of findings and implied recommendations for both brands and traditional retailers.
  • Most millennials and Generation Z members are less likely to be loyal than previous generations — chiefly because there’s more transparency and information available to them.
  • There’s a strong argument to be made that brands and retailers that get the customer experience right will see greater loyalty.
  • While the survey responses vary by gender and age group, the majority of respondents expressed the general notion that brand/manufacturer websites offered better and more complete product information — and better prices.

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